Best of the Gold Coast: Sage Restaurant & Pizzeria in Broadbeach

As you know we took a trip to Broadbeach a few weekends ago for the annual Blues on Broadbeach music festival. You probably thought we were done with Broadbeach, right? Not even close....

The dining scene in Broadbeach is INCREDIBLE. The variety and amount of quality restaurants are astounding. You don't need to wait for the next music festival to have an excuse to visit this amazing city. If you do...the Broadbeach Country Music Festival is only a few weeks away (June 20-22). We noticed Sage Restaurant & Pizzeria when we were in town for Blues on Broadbeach- how could you not? It was located right next to the main stage (Surf Parade Stage). This was the stage everyone wanted to be near. So as you would imagine Sage was absolutely bursting with people. There was not a single empty table at the entire joint. We quickly learned a table at Sage is a coveted thing during the Blues on Broadbeach festival. You can sit back, have a beer, and enjoy the musical stylings of your favourite artist....while those who weren't able to secure a table glare at you enviously.

We booked our table for the weekend after the festival (thankfully). The poor staff were flat out! The following weekend was a lot more chill- just how we like it. We went in on Saturday at around 11:30pm for lunch. The restaurant has a very impressive list of achievements. Sage has won Australia's favourite family restaurant three years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012),  Best Cafe Restaurant (2012), and Best Family Dining Restaurant (2014) to name a few.

Thier motto is: "Simple, popular food cooked exceptionally well with service that always exceeds your expectations". Did Sage live up to their motto?

For entrees we had: Bruschetta with tomato, Spanish onion, balsamic reduction, and parmesan reggiano-- and The Chef's Taster Plate which consisted of salt & pepper calamari, arancini, Thai fish cakes, and grilled halloumi...

The ingredients were incredibly fresh. The flavour balance was absolutely perfect....tomato...spanish onion...balsamic reduction...shaved parmesan- exquisite. A great beginning to our lunch. 

I love when restaurants have combination starter plates on the menu. You don't have to settle- you can have it all! When we saw the starter menu at Sage there were so many tasty options we weren't sure what to get. Then I saw the Chef's Taster Plate and we knew it was the one for us. The arancini were perfectly cooked. A creamy, cheesy center with a crunchy outer shell. 

Thai fish cakes...something you don't see on every menu. They were delicious. It was so difficult to share this one with Darrell. The lemon added a nice, zesty bite.

Who doesn't love haloumi? We loved the colorful presentation of the Chef's Taster Platter. It was elegant with just the right amount of color which contrasted nicely against the black platter.

For our mains we had the Confucius pizza which consists of BBQ pork belly, bocconcini, roast capsicum, apple crisps, and fresh parsley ---and Linguine Marinara which consisted of tiger prawns, calamari, reef fish, and mussels in a white wine cream sauce. 

The pizzas at Sage are named after scholars. We can honestly say this pizza is as impressive as the man it's named after. Juicy, tender, savoury strips of BBQ pork - amazing! The apple crisps added a hint of sweetness that was also nice. 

I'm still dreaming about this pasta. It was incredible. The portions at Sage are very sizeable. This dish was LOADED with fresh seafood. Delicious chunks of reef a beautifully creamy white wine cream sauce. The sauce was perfect...not too thick...not too watery.

And our favourite meal of the day...Dessert! We enjoyed a beautiful banoffee dessert pizza...

After all that food we were pretty stuffed but the chef highly recommended the banoffee dessert pizza and as we say "The chef knows best". The team at chef excel in food presentation...I mean look at this dessert pizza!

Velvety smooth, warm chocolate sauce... fresh strawberries & bananas...this pizza is otherwordly... They also have a black forest dessert pizza on the menu so you know we will be back.

Sage is located within walking distance of the beach! Beginning at 8:30pm on Fridays and Saturday's check out "Sage Social Scene" Sage offers a crazy good tapas and wine special for only $14.90 pp! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the weekend. See you at Sage!

*AmeriAus was the guest of Sage Restaurant & Pizzeria. All opinions expressed are our own.