Burgers Fit For A King! Burgers Up Opens In Springfield...

Living in the Springfield area can be quite boring...We've been living here for a little over a year now and have become accustomed to the mini road trips it takes to find decent food. If you are an avid news watcher you've probably heard talk about our suburb. Apparently it has a BIG future. The size of the suburb is suppose to triple in the upcoming years. A hospital is being built, and there is even talk of a Laguna area that will resemble South Bank!

I know...pretty crazy right?! As a resident I think I speak for all people living in Springfield when I say...BRING IT ON. Slowly but surely new restaurants, and entertainment facilities are rising from the dust in Springfield. One of those new restaurants is Burgers Up!

Your are probably thinking why would I go to Springfield for a burger. I know, I know...Springfield is a long way away from being considered a dining hotspot! But this place is truly a hidden gem. In fact, I'd love to keep this place a secret but the burgers are just to AWE INSPIRING to not share with you all.

As foodies we visit a lot of restaurants on a regular basis. There are constantly new restaurants opening in Brisbane so we are always making plans. We rarely visit a place more than once. However, we have been to Burger's Up several times since our first visit. These burgers are EPIC. I am literally lost for words on how to get across how perfect the burgers are. As they say a pictures is worth a thousand words so check out some of the burgers we devoured on our first Burgers Up visit.

First up, 'The Burger of Oz' made up of beef, cheese, free range egg, beetroot, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, & secret sauce (with added bacon)...

Check this beauty out! It was huge. You definitely need a firm two handed grip to devour this monster. The burgers are such good value for money. The Burger of Oz is only $7.50 ! The meat pattie is thick & juicy. This is the perfect Aussie burger. It lives up to it's name without a doubt.

Next, "Eat Me If You Can" this baby is made up of double beef, double cheese, bacon, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and secret sauce...

This very appropriately named burger is definitely our favourite. I think most carnivores would agree this burger is incredible. Even larger than the last this burger will run you $10.70. So inexpensive!  If you live in Springfield don't waste your hard earned money on one of Maccas deflated-looking burgers when you can have this! The secret sauce is very delicious. Its mayo based with a slight sweet, tangy flavour. It compliments the juicy beef patties very well.

As you can imagine we were flat out breathing at this point. Then we were asked to try one of their chicken sandwiches. In capable of denying any food we said yes.

We were presented with the "Caeser the Day" which was a stack of seasoned chicken breast fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and caesar sauce...

Even the chicken sandwiches are massive. Look at the size of that chicken breast fillet! We knew we were no match for this sandwich in our current state so we got it to go. I think Darrell was very pleased since it would be his lunch the following day. When he came home from work that night he was raving about the sandwich and declaring he would never purchase Maccas again. I later tried it on another occasion and it was amazing. The chicken was so tender, with a perfectly golden breading. The lettuce was extremely fresh and made that delightful crunch noise when you bit into it. I can't wait to try the rest of the chicken burgers on the menu.

Now I know this post hasn't been the most vegetarian friendly post we've ever done but rest assured Burgers Up does have a vegetarian option! The vege burger is called "Livin on the Veg" and is made up of a lentil patty, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, & secret sauce.

Give this humble new burger joint a visit. You won't look back!

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