Foodies Guide To The Best Brisbane Melbourne Cup Celebrations 2014

photo cred: kingstbrewhouse

It's that time of year again folks...

Dust of your fascinators and crack open a bottle of bubbly because the Melbourne Cup is upon us!

If for some reason you are under the delusion that you need to have a knowledge of racing to really participate in Melbourne Cup festivities, let me put your mind at ease. 

YOU DON'T! Melbourne Cup is all about looking your best, drinking (a lot), cheering loudly, and just having a ball with your mates! Let yourself get wrapped up in the excitement of it all. The electric atmosphere, the vibrant and colourful frocks, the overflowing champagne towers...

My tip: Choose a horse whose name speaks to you and throw all your money at it. 

Now that you are in the Melbourne Cup spirit I have a very important question for you:Where will you be watching the Melbourne Cup this year? You've no doubt seen hundreds of restaurants and bars advertising for their Melbourne Cup parties this month.

Well, we are here to help you sort through it all.

Here's our guide to the best places in Brisbane to watch the Melbourne Cup this year:

Join The Dumpling Revolution: Little Red Dumpling Opens in SunnyBank Hills


Oh, how we love dumplings. 

Our Oktoberfest Weekend Wrap Up: 5 Reasons Why Oktoberfest Brisbane is AWESOME

If you been following us on Instagram....or Facebook...or Twitter (any social network really) you've probably been BOMBARDED with our Oktoberfest (slightly tipsy) happy snaps.

We apologize...

Best Of The Gold Coast: We Pay Alto Cucina in Broadbeach A Second Visit

I know what you're thinking...

Tempura Soft Shell Crab

"Deja vu?! Haven't they been here before?!" 

The answer is yes. We have visited Alto Cucina before. You can check out our first review - HERE.

Best of the Gold Coast: Seafood Feast At Yellowfin Seafood In Broadbeach

Seafood and the beach just go together.

"From The HotPlate" entree platter

It never fails that every time I go to a beach town I CRAVE fresh seafood. Something about the distant sound of waves crashing...the faint smell of sea salt in the air... and the warm, tropical climate that just BEGS for an epic seafood feast!!!

If you don't take anything else away from our little food attention to me when I say:

"Listen to your tummy."

Healthy Eats: All Diets Are Welcome At Funky Monkey Cafe In Paddington

A year ago you might have struggled to find cafes that catered to ALL diets...but the food scene in Brisbane is rapidly changing.

Over the last few months we've noticed an emergence of a number of "Health Conscious" cafes. Potato chips are being replaced with kale... chocolate chips are being driven to extinction by chia seeds...Being a foodie its sometimes a bit difficult to commit to a diet or watch your figure. There are so many cheesy, bacon wrapped temptations in the life of a food blogger...

Chicken Hearts, and Arteries, and Quail Eggs- Oh My! We Get Adventurous at Bird's Nest Yakitori & Bar!

Feeling a bit adventurous?

We highly recommend Bird's Nest Yakitori & Bar in West End. Bird's Nest specializes in traditional Japanese Yakitori or as you may call them...skewers.

They recently celebrated their first birthday and we were thrilled to be invited to check out the menu. Believe it or not, we had never been to a traditional Yakitori restaurant before! So we weren't sure what to expect...

The restaurant is small and boasts a very fun, relaxed atmosphere. On our visit we noticed many groups gathered around the large dining tables enjoying a yakitori feast and knocking back a few glasses of sake!

5 Signs You May Have A Sweet Tooth: Dessert Degustation @ Bacchus

Do you have a sweet tooth? 

Maybe you have a sneaking suspicion you might have one but you aren't quite sure ... ? 

Lucky for you, DR. HAWKINS (that's me) does house calls! 

Rubber Gloves...check

Crisp white doctor coat...check

Serious doctor expression...check

Doctorate of Medicine...uh...check?

5 Signs You Might Have A Sweet Tooth

1. An uncontrollable urge to bake sweet treats (cookies, cakes, brownies, etc) because you desire your home to smell like baked goods at all times

2. Spontaneous fits of rage when you realize there is no chocolate in your home but you are too weak from lack of chocolate to go buy more

3. Antisocial behaviour when you have sweet things and don't want to share

4. Paranoia that someone is going to eat the last slice of cake before you do which will bring about symptom #2

5. Does one of your molars appear to be coated in a sugary substance?