5 Signs You May Have A Sweet Tooth: Dessert Degustation @ Bacchus

Do you have a sweet tooth? 

Maybe you have a sneaking suspicion you might have one but you aren't quite sure ... ? 

Lucky for you, DR. HAWKINS (that's me) does house calls! 

Rubber Gloves...check

Crisp white doctor coat...check

Serious doctor expression...check

Doctorate of Medicine...uh...check?

5 Signs You Might Have A Sweet Tooth

1. An uncontrollable urge to bake sweet treats (cookies, cakes, brownies, etc) because you desire your home to smell like baked goods at all times

2. Spontaneous fits of rage when you realize there is no chocolate in your home but you are too weak from lack of chocolate to go buy more

3. Antisocial behaviour when you have sweet things and don't want to share

4. Paranoia that someone is going to eat the last slice of cake before you do which will bring about symptom #2

5. Does one of your molars appear to be coated in a sugary substance?

If you have one or more of the symptoms I have listed above..then the diagnosis is clear you have a sweet tooth. Don't fret there is a cure. It just happens to be at Bacchus in Southbank!

You see the incredibly kind-hearted and selfless team at Bacchus have put together a sensational new Dessert Degustation menu that is sure to remedy any sweet tooth. The menu is pure decadence. Each dessert is presented like a work of art...but don't stare too long...heaven forbid the ice cream starts to melt! For only $49 or $69 with a flight of wine you can enjoy this magnificent 5 course dessert degustation. Check out some of our photos from the degustation below:

RASPBERRY: Pannacotta, vanilla cheesecake, raspberries & sorbet

STICKY DATE: Toffee sauce, prune & armagnac icecream

The Sticky Date after the waiter drizzled warm toffee sauce over the top... 

SOUFFLE: Apple crumple, cinnamon anglaise, vanilla bean icecream

CHOCOLATE: Brownie, hazelnut mousse, & frangelico icecream

You're welcome. Consider your life, saved.

*AmeriAus was the invited guest of Bacchus Southbank. All opinions expressed are our own.