Healthy Eats: All Diets Are Welcome At Funky Monkey Cafe In Paddington

A year ago you might have struggled to find cafes that catered to ALL diets...but the food scene in Brisbane is rapidly changing.

Over the last few months we've noticed an emergence of a number of "Health Conscious" cafes. Potato chips are being replaced with kale... chocolate chips are being driven to extinction by chia seeds...Being a foodie its sometimes a bit difficult to commit to a diet or watch your figure. There are so many cheesy, bacon wrapped temptations in the life of a food blogger...

Yeah, yeah I can practically see you all shaking your heads.

"You poor thing...forced to eat all those free cheeseburgers" ... 

And you're right free burgers are awesome. You know what's not awesome? The moment when you find out you can no longer fit your favourite jeans... 

Oh! And for some reason there always seems to be a gazillion stunning models at every launch event you go to...

After putting on 5 kilos and being forced to practically throw out half of the clothes in our wardrobe we've come to the realization that we need to make healthier choices. 

Without out further ado I would like to introduce our new "Healthy Eats" segment. If you are ever in need of  healthy food recommendation simply search 'healthyeats' on our site and be directed to our collection of QUALITY cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of healthy eating options.

The first stop on our "Healthy Eats" journey is the new Funky Monkey Cafe in Paddington. Funky Monkey are not only big on health but they are also huge supporters of ethical food. All of their food is made in house, so they can tell you EXACTLY what went into their dishes. 

They use sustainable and enienvironmentallyiendly practices. You will probably notice the compost bins when you visit.

So to all our readers who have special dietary requirements (Gluten Free, Paleo, etc) we highly recommend this new Paddington cafe.

Funky Monkey has really opened our eyes to how tasty healthy food can be. Typically, people associate healthy food with bland tasting, disgusting, unsatisfying food. That's not the case at Funky Monkey. We found the food to be healthy AND incredibly delicious.

Cafe's like Funky Monkey make eating right a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

If there are any healthy and wholesome cafes or restaurants that you would like us to check out next. Please let us know in the comments below.

Rating (out of 5): 4
Services: Breakfast, Lunch
Top Pick: Paleo Breakfast
Price: $$

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*AmeriAus was the invited guest of Funky Monkey Cafe. All opinions expressed are our own.