Global Flavours | Journey Around The World Without Leaving Brisbane!

Join us on a culinary adventure around Brisbane! 

We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful city that has a sensational array of international - standard cuisine. One thing I've always admired about Brisbane since moving here a few years ago is it's cultural diversity. Brisbanites (or all Queenslanders in general) are chill, open people. They embrace different cultures. 

No wonder it was chosen as the host city of this year's G20 Leader's Summit. Over the weekend we saw the most powerful leaders in the world converge on Brisbane. All eyes were on our city...

Coinciding with this Visit Brisbane has launched Global Flavours- a celebration of Brisbane's international cuisine. Go on a culinary journey across the city, sampling food from Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and more!

There's a variety of amazing deals to choose from. Here are a few of our top Global Flavour picks: 

1. Sono Japanese Restaurant (Nov 1-30)

Enjoy an authentic Japanese dinner at Sono Japanese Restaurant. Remove your shoes, sink into a comfy Japanese booth, and prepare to be spoiled with delicious food.

 On our visit we checked out the Zen degustation. I highly recommend it to first time Sono diners.

It's a beautiful introduction to Sono! It really shows off what they have to offer. The sashimi and duck courses were definitely a hit with us.

Prices start from $26pp al a carte, and from $75 pp for the Sono or Zen degustation.

2. Prive 249 (Nov 1-30)

If I had to sum up Prive 249 in one word it would be: Sensational.

The elegant decor, innovative menu, and stunning view... Prive 249 should definitely be on your foodie bucket list.

The food is world class. Dining at Prive 249 is a divine experience for all the senses. Don't believe me? Wait until you try the pork belly dish! The crackling is infused with pop rocks (I know right?!) Yes, the crackling actually crackles in your mouth AND on your plate.

Prive 249 only seats 50 people making it the perfect place to take your special someone. Enjoy a superb local seafood main and a glass of Cloudy Bay Saviour Blanc for $55pp !

3. Pony Dining (Nov 1-30)

Last but certainly not least Pony Dining! We just love the rustic yet elegant decor at Pony Dining. They are currently celebrating their 2nd birthday!

Stop by Pony before Global Flavours wraps up and enjoy mouthwatering small, medium and large share plates from the kitchen - $4-$18 small, $29-$39 medium, $89-99 large.

Some of our favourites include: Jamon & Manchego Croquettes...Salt & Pepper Calamari with Volcanic Black Salt and Chinese Pepper...and Pear Millefeuille Tatin... 

Check out more Global Flavours deals HERE

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Brisbane Marketing, Sofitel Brisbane Central, Sono, and Pony Dining. All opinions expressed are our own.