Mammoth Feast at Woolly Mammoth Ale House | Fortitude Valley

In the deep, dark shadows of Fortitude Valley lurks a magical venue unlike anything you've ever seen in Brisbane...

You'd be forgiven for thinking Woolly Mammoth was ...let's just say something it's definitely not. Woolly Mammoth Ale House is located on 633 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley - right next to the colourful nightclub Cloudland.

Of course they have a giant Woolly Mammoth ! 

Woolly Mammoth may be the new kid on the block but much like the prehistoric beast it's named after, we predict it's footprint will be massive. As I said earlier Woolly Mammoth is unlike anything you've seen before here in Brisbane. Woolly Mammoth is a multi-purpose, experimental space which is broken down into three main components. Those components are: The Ale House, The Garden Bar, and Mane Stage.

The Garden Bar is a little oasis from the pumping Valley scene. Play a game of indoor bocce or giant jenga on the lovely green astro-turf. The Garden bar is extremely flexible and has the capacity to cater to any type of function. This space can hold up to 200 people!

Consider Mane Stage your new live music haven in the Valley. This space boasts a state of the art PA system and in house production equipment. Mane Stage has hosted a number of national tours, and club nights.

Last but not least, the Ale House- this is where we spent the majority of our time on our first visit to Woolly Mammoth. On this occasion we were lucky enough to snag a seat at the Feasting Table and Craft Beer Appreciation Class hosted by one of Australia's leading beer writers, Matt Kirkegaard or Good Beer Matt. The Ale House is located on the ground floor and showcases Woolly Mammoth's craft beer experience. They have around 30 craft beers on tap! The area features 14 foot shuffleboard tables and can easily handle 10-600 guests.

During our class we got to delve into the world of Craft Beer. A world that is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia. We enjoyed a variety of different craft beers while road testing the feasting menu.

Good Beer Matt really helped open our minds to the different styles of craft beer that are available. When you find a style of beer you like - for instance I drink a lot of lagers - you tend to stick to that and refuse anything else. Instead of declaring a drink is disgusting we learned to appreciate it for what it was, regardless of how we thought a beer should taste.


Chicken drummettes 

Some of our highlights from the grazing menu were the Beef Short Ribs in Stout Jus, and the Pork Knuckle.

The biggest Pork Knuckle I've ever seen...

The Short ribs are some of the best we've ever eaten. They were incredibly tender- the meat fell off the bone easily!

Beef Short Rib in Stout Jus

Woolly Mammoth are serving up good, hearty, mammoth sized meals. The Feasting menu is available for groups of 10 or more.

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*AmeriAus was the guest of The Press Garage and Woolly Mammoth Ale House. All opinions expressed are our own.