Recipe | Fettuccine Alfredo with Duck Breast

We'd like to welcome our newest recipe contributor, Geoff Barker, to the AmeriAus family! Geoff has had the Brisbane Instagram community DROOLING for sometime now over his sensational creations. Lucky for us he recently created a Facebook page (Click Here) where he will share his foodie secrets with the world.  Here's a bit more about Geoff from Geoff, himself:

"I am a stay at home Dad that has a passion for food, cooking and photography. I have recently created my Facebook Page, Geoff's Kitchen, so I can impart some of my knowledge and experience to friends, family and those in the greater digital community that have similar interests. I am completely self taught and thoroughly enjoy spending as much time in the kitchen as possible honing my skills and developing new abilities."

Check out Geoff's delicious pasta recipe below:

Fettuccine Alfredo with Duck Breast

This meal is constructed in three parts:
1) Making fresh Pasta (you can substitute dried pasta, I recommend Barilla)
2) Cooking the Duck Breast
3) Making the Alfredo Sauce

Fresh Pasta Ingredients:
1 x cup of plain flour (Lighthouse do a specific pasta flour which is amazing), firmly packed, plus extra for dusting
2 x eggs lightly beaten
1 x pinch of salt

1) Sift flour & salt into a bowl and make a well in the centre
2) Add the lightly beaten eggs and stir to combine
3) Turn out mixture onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, approximately 10 minutes
4) Form into a disc and cover with cling wrap for 20 minutes
(At this stage you can refrigerate for 24 hours or seal in a ziplock bag and freeze for up to 3 months)
5) Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and divide into two parts, this will make the dough more manageable through the pasta machine. Flatten the first half into a rectangular shape and roll through the first setting of the pasta machine
6) Dust the top of the rolled pasta with flour, fold in half and repeat the process
7) Continue at this stage until your pasta dough is very smooth and elastic, dusting and folding after every roll
8) Change to the next setting on the pasta machine and roll the dough through once only, dusting both sides at the end, before moving onto the next setting
9) Continue in this manner until your pasta dough is at the thickness you require, dust the dough and cut into desire pasta. You can hang to dry the pasta, or refrigerate in an airtight container
10) Repeat process with 2nd half of pasta dough. The dough will keep for up to three days in the fridge once rolled and cut.

This quantity is perfect for two people with a small amount of leftovers.

To cook the pasta, bring a 3 litre pot of lightly salted water to the boil and cook pasta for 3 - 5 minutes until al dente. If using commercially made dried pasta, 9 - 11 minutes. Reserve 1/4 cup of pasta water for the Alfredo Sauce. Drain the pasta and lightly coat in olive oil.

Cooking the Duck Breast (medium rare):
If you have a kitchen blow torch, scorch the skin of the duck breast to assist in creating a crisp skin and rendering the fat, otherwise just continue with the steps below.

1) Heat a non-stick pan to a medium-high heat
2) Place the duck breast, skin down, onto the pan and leave to cook for 5 minutes
3) Turn the heat down to medium-low and leave for a further 5 minutes
4) Turn the duck breast over and leave to cook for a further 5 minutes
5) Remove duck breast from the heat and leave to rest whilst making the Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo Sauce: 
100 grams Butter
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
160 ml Heavy Cream
1/4 Cup reserved pasta water

1) Melt the butter over a low heat
2) Add the cooked pasta and toss to coat
3) Add the parmesan cheese, heavy cream and reserved pasta water and toss to combine

Slice the Duck Breast to desired thickness, plate your pasta and place the Duck Breast on top. Garnish with finely chopped parsley and a drizzle of Olive Oil.

For more recipes from Geoff's Kitchen check out his new Facebook page - HERE and don't forget to follow Geoff's Kitchen on Instagram - HERE