Recipe: Layered Oreo & Belgian Chocolate Mousse Parfait

Once upon a time before AmeriAus became dedicated to bringing you the top restaurants in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and beyond...we were a recipe blog!


A lot of people are suprised to discover that AmeriAus began as a recipe blog. If you're ever bored... dive way way way back into the AmeriAus archives and you'll find a number of recipe posts! You see we have an appreciation for all things food related- as every true foodie should.

In a moment of spontaneity recently we decided to post the recipe for our "Layered Oreo & Belgian Chocolate Mousse Parfait" on our Instagram account. It received a really great response from you all...we even had a few blogger's recreate it! I think it reignited our love for creating things. There's nothing wrong with eating at home. In fact we miss it. Sure, eating out all the time is fun but sometimes its nice to sink into your recliner... with a massive plate of home cooked food...and watch a good movie.

We will endeavour to bring more recipes to AmeriAus in the future. Whether they be guest posts, or our own personal creations...

Let's kick things off with a sinfully sweet dessert. This parfait is not for the faint hearted. This one goes out to the Choc-o-holics:

Layered Oreo & Belgian Chocolate Mousse Parfait


1. 2 cups of Belgian Chocolate Mousse
2. 1 tub of whipped cream
3. Crushed Oreos
4. 1/2 cup of Salted Caramel mousse/ or pudding
5. 1 cup of dark chocolate pudding


In a large bowl empty your tub of whipped cream. Whip your cream until it forms soft peaks. Add your salted caramel and dark chocolate pudding. Whip ingredients together until it forms stiff peaks. In your glass begin with a layer of crushed oreos. Next, add a layer of your whipped cream mixture. Then, add a layer of Belgian Chocolate Mousse. Repeat these steps in order until your glass is full. Finish the dessert off with a sprinkle of crushed oreos.

Tip: If this dessert is a bit rich for your palate try a layer of raspberries to add a bit of sourness. 


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