Sweet, Sweet Love at Flaming Olive | Fortitude Valley

We've never tried to hide our love for Flaming Olive. 

In fact,  quite the opposite... we've sung it's praises from the hilltops. Check out our first experience at Flaming Olive - HERE

Chocolate Tart

Flaming Olive is one of Brisbane's best kept dining secrets. How it's been able to remain a secret completely blows my mind because the food ( and service) is simply outstanding.

Yuzu Strawberry

Maybe its the location? You see Flaming Olive is located a little ways down from popular Brisbane restaurants like Mighty Mighty (Review) and Gordita.

Green Apple

Flaming Olive is tucked snugly at the end of the dining precinct away from major traffic it attracts. Because of this it goes unnoticed. People get drawn in by the sights, sounds, and smells of well established restaurants like Mighty Mighty and don't even think to venture down the path to where Flaming Olive resides.

The Chocolate Orb

The Chocolate Orb after a rich chocolate sauce was poured over the top

Those people are doing their tummies a serious injustice. The team at Flaming Olive are so passionate about what they do and it resonates in their extremely innovative creations.

Raspberry Nemesis from the Liquid Kitchen

On this particular visit we had the pleasure of tasting the new dessert menu and liquid kitchen.

What's a liquid kitchen you ask? Well the genius chef at Flaming Olive has concocted liquefied desserts. Yes, your traditional affogato has gotten a serious upgrade! 

Check it out:

Raspberry Nemesis with raspberry liquers

Coconut dessert from the new Liquid Kitchen

We can't recommend the new dessert menu and liquid kitchen highly enough! Try it for yourself!

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*AmeriAus was invited to try the Liquid Kitchen at Flaming Olive by Flaming Olive .All opinions expressed are our own.