Tastebox Australia Takes The Hassle Out Of Cooking | Review

This week we decided to do something we don't normally do a lot of...

Italian Chicken & Tomato Risotto


Our "5 meals per week for 2" dinner box delivery

Yes, you heard correctly we've actually been cooking this week. I typically find cooking time consuming and stressful. No matter how hard I try my recipes never seem to turn out like the glossy, droolworthy images I find on Pinterest.

Tastebox comes with a number of fresh veggies. 

I'm a big procrastinator so I tend to plan out my week's meal on the spot as I'm walking down the grocery isle. Anyone else guilty of this? So, of course I forget some crucial ingredient and ruin the whole meal.

Luckily, this week we didn't have to go through any of that stress. Tastebox Australia came to our rescue! Tastebox does all of the work for you.

They plan, shop, measure and deliver delicious meals straight to your door for FREE. 

That's right all of your fresh, local produce is delivered directly to your door along with easy to follow 30 minute recipes for free! Recipe ingredients are broken into two categories: From the Pantry, and In The Box. The "From the Pantry" list is typically about 2-3 ingredients long and consist of things you will most likely already have in your pantry (olive oil, salt, etc).

Seasonings all labelled according to the recipe they correspond with. The amounts are also pre-measured for you. 

This is seriously a working mom's -or dad's, college students, or people who struggle in the kitchen like myself- dream! You don't have to think about anything when you get home. Just cook! No guilt- The meals are well balanced and nutritious. Tastebox prices start from $69. We went for the "5 Meals Per Week For Two" dinner box. It was only $99 dollars! Our weekly shop usually runs us around $150 and that's not including gas. Tastebox prices are extremely reasonable.

Check out the sensational dishes we've made with Tastebox Australia so far: 

Stir Fried Beef with Mint & Chilli 

Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Quick to make. You definitely need a large wok or skillet for this one. Makes a very decent size serve. Packed with delicious veggies! The Chilli added a nice bite. 

Seared Steak with Chimichurri & South American Salsa

Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Tender, juicy steak. Very fresh. Great summer dish! We had a lot of leftover salsa which we paired with pork sausages for lunch. 

Italian Chicken and Tomato Risotto

Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Easy to make & packed full of flavour! Our favourite Tastebox dish so far. Large serving, and very filling. The lemon juice & zest add a wonderful zing. 

To learn more about Tastebox Australia and/or order your own dinner box click - HERE

*AmeriAus was given a dinner box to review by Tastebox Australia.