New look, New menu: Wickham Hotel | Fortitude Valley

It seems odd that I've lived in Brisbane for about 2 years now and had never visited The Wickham...

For those not in the know...The Wickham is an iconic Brisbane pub and restaurant, established in 1885. Earlier this year The Wickham underwent an extensive renovation and emerged from the dust with a sparkly, new look.

The dance floor was transformed into a beautiful new corner bar, and a vibrant outdoor oasis now stands where the car park use to be. There is also an upstairs nightclub and newly refurb'd gaming room!

Even though the heritage listed building has undergone some major changes and the pride flag no longer flies on the outside fa├žade, the Wickham are still staying true to their LGBTI heritage.

In 1996 The Wickham became a dedicated LGBTI- friendly Brisbane venue. Since then the Wickham has played a major role in the LGBTI community like hosting Queensland's largest LGBTI party - Big Gay Day.

Oriental Duck Sliders

“When the Wickham turned gay in 1996, it rode the crest of the wave of social progression by becoming a gay bar, and the hotel continues to be a trailblazer with the most recent changes,” Wickham spokesperson Patrick Macdonald said in an interview with Star Observer.

The Wickham are hoping the new renovation will make the hotel appealing to people of all backgrounds (straight, gay, foodies, etc). 

Chilli Prawn Pizza

“The LGBTI community might view Brisbane as sleepy because that’s what they are used to being given in the Brisbane LGBTI scene. The Wickham will be a game changer and will actually reflect the vibrant and diverse community that it is representing. In Brisbane, times have changed, people have changed, and our venue needs to reflect that. To fail to progress as a venue would be to fail to acknowledge how far we’ve come as a city.” said Macdonald to the Star Observer. 
They definitely have grabbed these two foodie's attention. We stopped in for lunch to sample some of the delightful dishes you can find at The Wickham. 

Wild Mushroom Arancini with Parmesan Truffle Aioli
The Wild Mushroom Arancini with Parmesan Truffle Aioli was definitely a stand out dish. Crunchy on the outside...creamy mushroom-goodness on the inside. Perfectly prepared. Don't even get me started on the parmesan truffle aioli...

Life changing. 

Word to the wise...The Chilli Prawn Pizza is NOT for the faint hearted. It packs a real punch! Soooo delicious but if you can't handle the heat...then well... stay away. 

The staff at The Wickham were so welcoming and friendly. The AmeriAus team had a pleasant experience. We will definitely be back. Check it out for yo'self! 

Top picks: 
Wild Mushroom Arancini - MUST TRY!

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*AmeriAus was the guest of The Wickham Hotel.