Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice | Sugar Bomb Cakes Cafe Opens

Everyone once in a while the stars align and a perfect cafe is born...

What makes a cafe perfect, you ask?

Iced Chocolate

That's a very complex question. See, there's no way to become a perfect cafe... the elements just have to come together naturally to achieve this rare and sought after perfection. Those elements are: staff, food, atmosphere, and the x factor- the thing that sets up a part from the rest. Eat Street veterans, Sugar Bomb Cakes, opened the doors of their new Fortitude Valley cafe a few weeks ago and we think it's definitely one of those cafes.

Didn't know they were thinking about opening a cafe? Neither did they! The pieces kind of magically fell together in a matter of weeks! We had a chat with co-owner Nicky over the weekend to find out how this new cafe came about. Here are the details:

Avo on Turkish Toast with lemon and balsamic glaze

A friend of Nicky's was getting tattoed by the incredibly talented artists at Lust For Life Tattoo (which Nicky highly reccomends) one day and overheard they were thinking about putting a cafe on the ground floor of the shop. Nicky's friend quickly rang her up and told her about the amazing opportunity.

A variety of SBC's signatures sweets can be found at the new cafe

Nicky admits the SBC team was a bit hesitant at first. The business was already very time consuming with weddings & birthday orders....Eat Street... not to mention the fact that they wholesale to a number of cafes in Brisbane! After a bit of soul searching they realized that the cafe was too good an opportunity to miss. Nicky quickly got on the phone with Aureole, owner of Lust For Life, and after a quick meeting Sugar Bomb Cakes Cafe began to take formation.

BLT Bagel

"If you told me 2 months ago I would have a cafe in the Valley, I would have said ' You are nuts, I don't get sleep enough as it is!' " - Nicky, Sugar Bomb Cakes

One major hurdle the SBC team had to overcome was learning how to make coffee! In a matter of weeks, with the help of their friends from Honour Espresso, they learned how to make a good cup of Joe. SBC Cafe has partnered with local roasters Bare Bones Coffee who use 100% ethically sourced beans.

Where ever possible Sugar Bomb Cakes believes in supporting local businesses. Nicky & Ammie's parents owned a small business when they were growing up and instilled in them at an early age how important it was to help small, local businesses grow.

The thing that really makes Sugar Bomb Cakes Cafe stand out is the fact that the space it resides in is also a tattoo parlor (Lust For Life) AND an ART GALLERY! 

Due to this, you get a very eclectic mix of customers coming through. The vibe is fabulous! Its such a laid back, chill space. The minutes can easily drift into hours as you relax with a warm cup of coffee and admire the unique art work covering almost every space on the walls. Who knows? Maybe -after  a couple hits of caffeine- you'll build up the courage to get that tattoo you've always wanted...

It could happen. 

Regardless, make sure you put Sugar Bomb Cakes Cafe on your brekky list. During the week Sugar Bomb offers quick, on the go brekky options. On the weekends they offer special, heavier options.

Top Picks: Avocado on Turkish Toast with Balsamic Glaze

For more details check out their Facebook page - HERE

*AmeriAus was the guest of Sugar Bomb Cakes.