A Whole New Direction: Fiction Bar and Restaurant | Cleveland

Fiction Bar and Restaurant is located in the centre of the Raby Bay complex in Cleveland - about 35 minutes from Brisbane.

From the outside Fiction may appear deceivingly modest, upon further investigation you will find it's actually pretty massive. Fiction can easily seats over 200 people. The location is simply picturesque. Sit back and enjoy a nice meal while gazing over the beautiful harbour...Dining at Fiction is an experience for all the senses!!

Fiction recently underwent a major change in direction. They now have a new, enthusiastic, and talented young Chef armed with a promising new menu.

We predict 2015 will be the 'Year of Fiction' as they make their mark on the Cleveland dining scene. 

On our first visit to Fiction the new Head Chef Hayden was still serving the old menu as plans were being finalized for the new menu. The new menu has now been rolled out which just gives us another reason to visit Fiction again ASAP...

Even though the menu we enjoyed were not solely the creations of Chef Hayden he managed to put his spin on them, and breathe new life into the outdated dishes.

From the presentation, taste, and texture... we were blown away as each course was placed before us. Drop any preconceived notions you may have about Fiction. Diners can expect to enjoy a QUALITY dining experience under Chef Hayden's watch.

He has definitely gained two new regulars! We are anxiously awaiting our next visit...

Fiction also caters for functions and weddings. Have your party overlooking the serene waters of Raby Bay. For more info - Click here.

And for a behind the scenes look into the kitchen of Fiction follow Head Chef Hayden on Instagram - Click Here.

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Fiction Bar & Restaurant.

Colours of Queensland Produce | Jan Power's Farmers Market 2015

Popular Brisbane market - Jan Power's Farmers Market - has officially kicked off for 2015 so back away from your Cole's trolley...

This season the market is calling for Queenslander's to "Make Your Plate A Canvas" by using the beautiful, local, fresh produce South East Queensland has to offer as your colour.

“January is the perfect time to begin new habits, and buying locally grown produce could potentially be the best habit you could ever adopt,” said Sammy Power. “We want people to have fun with fresh food; we want them to see the colours of the rainbow and taste the flavours within each and every bite.” 

Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, melons, oranges, peaches, raspberries and strawberries and for the veges, there’s asparagus, beans, capsicum, carrots, celery, chilies, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkins, sweetcorn, tomatoes and zucchini are all in season and can be found at the Jan Power's Farmer's Market. The market has BIG plans for 2015 with numerous local growers and producers on board. 

They recently announced that the Powerhouse Markets will take place EVERY Saturday and the Manly Markets will take place on the first and third Saturdays of each month. 

Fresh seasonal produce isn't the only thing that can be found at the Jan Power's Famers Market. Many food stalls frequent the markets serving up their delicious, hot fare. So you can tuck into a fresh smoked salmon, or a foot long German sausage while you do your weekly shop! Can't do that at one of those big supermarket chains, can you?! Check out a few of our favourite stalls below:  

The team behind Fresh Hot Smoked believe in the traditional, old school smoking methods. This will become apparent once you take a gander at their rustic, much loved beast of a smoker! She may be a bit worn and rusted... but she gets the job done (and extremely well).

Fresh Hot Smoked have been smoking salmon for 6 years. They use New Zealand Ora King Salmon which is much oilier than Tasmanian salmon and therefore creates a better final product. The Fresh Hot Smoked team go through about 15 kilos of fresh salmon a week. They only purchase fresh, whole salmon, which they fillet themselves.

Their fillets are smoked for 30 minutes using real saw dust. Their best sellers are the Italian-herb blend and Chilli. DELICIOUS. This is one market stall you must visit.

Brat Haus

If I was about to be stranded on an island and I could only bring one meal with me...it would be a foot long Cheese Kransky from Brat Haus.

Brat Haus was established way back in 1969. They serve up - arguably - the most authentic, mouthwatering German sausages in Brisbane! The Brat Haus crew are Jan Power's Famers Market veterans having frequented the market for the last 8 years. On a typical day they will serve up a couple hundred of their juicy, pure meat, wood smoked sausages to hungry market shoppers. No MSG is used in their sausages, and they are all 100% Gluten free.

Their big sellers are the Grilled Bratwurst, Cheese Kransky, and the Double Smoked Brat. Owner Steve's says his favourite is the Spicy Knackwurst! You can find Brat Haus at the Powerhouse markets every 2nd and 4th Saturday. The sausage of your dreams is waiting for you...

Riverland Markets

Riverland Markets is a take home BBQ and mobile butcher. They are one of the newest additions to the Jan Power's family and we think it's a match made in heaven. Riverland is owned by a farming family who believe in the 'Paddock to Plate' food philosophy.

This is your GO TO place for delicious braised and smoked meats (not to mention the kick ass potato salad...) The man behind the smoker is Brendan Langfield who you may remember from Masterchef!

Their 16 hour smoked beef ribs are VERY popular at the markets. When you hear the bell ring, start running because the Riverland team believe in quality not quantity. They only cook up around 60 hot meals on a typical day at the markets.

Furry Gourmet

Last but not least, you can't forget your furry companions. Yes, the Jan Power's Famer's Market is dog friendly! So while you're stuffing your face with that Foot Long Cheese Kransky...or that Hot Smoked Fillet of Salmon, remember:

A dog's gotta eat too! 

Luckily, Furry Gourmet is there to satisfy your pet's cravings and met their nutritional requirements. Milli, Sancho, and Jaffa (pictured above) would love some of  Furry Gourmet's fun, healthy treats.

Furry Gourmet whole food treats are made from ingredients packed full of the nutrients your pet needs like chicken, chia, sweet potato, brown rice, broccoli and more. They do not use salt, sugar, wheat, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, emulsifiers, preservatives or any other nasties in their products!

The  Jan Power's Farmers Market has so much to offer this year. Help support South East Queensland produce and snap up some great deals at the markets this weekend. For more info on the Jan Power's Farmers Market check out the website below:

Jan Power's Farmers Market Website

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*AmeriAus was the guest of the Jan Power's Farmers Market.

Australia Day Recipes | Sweet Summer Lovin' Key Lime Pie

'Summer lovin' had me a blast, Summer lovin' happened so fast...' 

That's precisely how you'll feel once you scoff down this Sweet Summer Lovin' Key Lime Pie in record time!!! 

Key Lime Pie is the perfect summer party dessert. Sweet, tangy, and bright this pie screams SUMMER.  Australia day is on the horizon and like many people around this beautiful country you'll be celebrating with a backyard BBQ with friends and family. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful pie by Brisbane foodie Salad vs Food. It's sure to make your Australia Day 2015 unforgettable! 


  1. 50g Nice (Arnott’s) Biscuits (you can use any plain biscuits) 
  2. 125g Unsalted butter melted

  1. 4 egg yolks (save all egg whites!)
  2. 395g can condensed milk (small tin) 
  3. 3 tablespoons grated lime rind
  4. 1/2 cup lime juice
  5. 2 egg whites
  1. 2 egg whites
  2. 110g Caster sugar
  3.  Green food colouring
  4. 1 slice of lime

1. Preheat the oven to 160°C (fan-forced) and grease a 24cm round fluted, loose-based tart tin. Place the prepared tin onto a baking tray. Then, process the biscuits until they resemble fine breadcrumbs. Add the melted butter and process this until it combines. Tip this mixture into your tin and press it evenly over the base and sides using a glass or the back of a spoon as this will make it easier and help you achieve an even base. Place into the oven and bake for approximately 8- 10 minutes or until it is golden.

2. Reduce the oven temperature to 140°C (fan-forced) and let the biscuit base of the pie cool. For the pie filling, beat the egg yolks with an electric mixer until they become pale and thick. Slowly beat the condensed milk, rind and juice into the bowl. In a separate clean and dry bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks are formed.

3. Fold the egg whites gently and slowly into the yolk mixture. Once combined and you can no longer see small bits of the egg whites, pour the mixture in the biscuit crust. Carefully transfer the pie to the oven and then bake for 15 minutes or until the filling has just set (slight wobble in the centre).Cool the pie before refrigerating for 2 hours.

4. While the pie is in the fridge, reduce the oven temperature again to 100°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. To make the mini meringues, place the two spare egg whites into a clean and dry bowl and beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add the sugar and once the sugar has dissolved, beat until the mixture is very thick and glossy. Add a few drops of green food colouring to the meringue mixture and mix slightly to spread the colour in a swirl pattern. Do not over mix it as then the meringues will become fully green. Fit a large star nozzle to a large pipping bag. Spoon the mix into the pipping bag and pipe the meringues in varying sizes onto the tray. The bake in the oven for an hour or until the outsides are hard and fairly crisp (the smaller they are the quicker they will cook*). Turn the oven off and leave them in the oven until they are dry and crisp.
*TIP: Sometimes depending on the weather, you may need to cook the meringues for a longer or shorter period of time aswell. I personally think making meringue is a bit of a guessing game and you should just check them every now and again and keep baking them until you are happy with them.

5. Once the meringues are finished and cooled, take the pie out of the fridge and place the meringues around the pie. To make the citrus garnish (cartwheel twist), start by cutting a thin ring from a lime. Make a cut from the peel through the middle of the slice, just past thecentre.Then pick up the slice and twist each side in the opposite direction. Then gently stand it up in the middle of the pie and push it down slightly into the filling so it stabilises. ENJOY!

For more incredible recipes check out Salad vs Food's new blog - Click Here
And connect with Salad vs Food on Instagram - Click Here

What do you have planned for Australia day? Tell us in the comments below

Day Trip: Take a Drive Down the Sunflower Route

One of the prettiest sights you will find in Southeast Queensland...

Once we heard that the sunflower fields in Allora were in bloom we knew we had to get down there ASAP and check it out. Not simply because we were eager to photograph them but because we knew that after a few weeks their golden petals would wither away, and their faces would no longer point towards the sun.

We couldn't miss our chance to capture these beautiful fields in their prime. It's a beautiful sight to behold. No matter what mood you find yourself in, these never ending golden fields are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


The best time to view the sunflowers is in summer of course. The Southern Downs tourism site recommends anytime from January to March.

The Sunflower route is 50ks roundtrip and takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of Southern Queensland. No doubt, you will find many things to capture (other than sunflowers) along the way. Make sure you pack a cooler full of snacks, drinks, etc because there are very few restaurant options along the journey.

Bring a picnic blanket as well. You will find many relaxing parks and gardens in the charming town of Allora. Check out the Sunflower Route map ( Click Here )  and start planning your day trip!

Words by Chelsea Hawkins. Follow her on Instagram.

Experience The New Garden City Like A True Foodie: #GardenCityDego

I'm sure by now you've heard about Westfield Garden City's JAW DROPPING new makeover!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we first visited Garden City after the renovation was completed. The dreary, boring outdoor dining area was gone *poof*...before us stood a vibrant, foodie oasis! So many shiny, new restaurants to try...Vapiano, Kinn Restaurant, The Palms Bar & Grill.... We felt like a kid in a candy store - but where to begin? Maybe you're like us...and are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the new dining options at Westfield Garden City?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could sample all of the BEST Garden City restaurants at one time with your mates for only $50?

I know what you're thinking "Pssh YEAH RIGHT, that's not possible!" That's where you'd be wrong... it is possible! In fact we did it last weekend. The AmeriAus team went on a foodie crawl around Garden City, trying a different dish from a number of Garden City restaurants. We had such a pleasant experience we decided to share it with you all.

We've created a #GardenCityDego for 2 to 3 people.  Are you ready? This downloadable menu is 5 SENSATIONAL COURSES of unadulterated Garden City DELICIOUSNESS for only $50. 

That's right we said FIVE courses for $50 and that's not per person, it's for everyone. Check it out: 

#1 The Palms Bar & Grill - Traditional ‘Croquetas’ with Manchego cheese - Price: $13

I mean just look at those super cheesy, crunchy croquettes... after trying them a few weeks ago we knew they HAD to go on our #GardenCityDego menu. They are heavenly- paired with a creamy paprika aioli. You won't be disappointed.

#2 Hatch & Co. - Beetroot Hummus, dill, pistachio, feta, wood fired flatbread - Price: $10

This hot pink Beetroot Hummus from Hatch and Co is not only good to look at - its crazy delicious! Maybe you're not big on beetroot....neither are we, actually! Hatch and Co add just the right amount of beetroot to this dish. It's not overpowering I could eat this all day long. We enjoyed scooping up this creamy hummus with the smoky wood fired flat bread.

#3 Motto Motto - Teri Teri Chicken Roll - Price: $8.90

Motto Motto is the newest addition to the Garden City dining family, having opened it's doors last week. After tasting their Teri Teri Chicken Roll we are sure they will be a hit with Garden City shoppers. Motto Motto means 'More More' in Japanese and you definitely get more with this roll! It was bursting with juicy Teri Teri Chicken- so filling! Motto Motto are happy to cut their rolls in halves, or fourths- perfect for sharing! 

#4 Kinn Thai Restaurant - Pad Prik Khing Crispy Pork Belly - Price: $12

Can't go wrong with pork belly! This crispy pork belly dish will have you smiling. It will also have your eyes watering with its spicy bite. DELICIOUS. Available on the lunch menu Mon - Friday.

#5 Vapiano - A Dolci Dessert - Price: $5.90

Every degustation deserves a sweet ending! Vapiano have a number of beautiful Dolci desserts at their new Garden City restaurant. After devouring the previous incredibly filling courses we recommend sharing 1 dessert between 2 people so grab two spoons. Trust me, that extra White Chocolate Cheesecake may sound like a good idea but you'll have to be rolled out of Vapiano after....

Can you believe you can get ALL OF THAT for ONLY $50!!!

Download our #GardenCityDego Menu to kick off your own foodie crawl around Garden City with a friend. (Click Here) Hashtag #GardenCityDego and tag us (@ameriaus_food OR @ausmican_eats) we'd love to see your food snaps!

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Brisbane Breakfasts: Merriweather Cafe | South Brisbane

Merriweather Cafe is a cosy little cafe in South Brisbane serving up truly inspired breakfast dishes! 

The menu at Merriweather is dictated by their suppliers. One of their major suppliers is the local group Food Connect who source all their produce from local small holding and organic farmers. 

Merriweather is all about providing quality, fresh food to their customers. Due to this their menu is ever changing as new seasonal produce becomes available. 

All jams, relishes, cakes, pastries, and muffins are made in house at Merriweather. Their exceptional coffee is courtesy of Coffee Supreme. The breakfast menu may be small, but it is very intriguing. It definitely was not what we were expecting when we popped in one Saturday morning. 

The Merriweather team aren't afraid to experiment with new flavours. If you are looking for a classic brekky/brunch dish then keep moving... 

Merriweather Cafe are redefining breakfast in Brisbane.

If you are so over boring uninspired bacon and eggs for breakfast we highly recommend trying the menu at Merriweather Cafe. 

Merriweather is open Monday - Saturday (7am to 3pm) and Sunday (7:30am to 2pm)

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Brisbane Breakfasts: Deedot Coffee | Holland Park West

On a lazy Sunday morning you might find us wandering the streets of the Greenslopes/Holland Park West suburbs with an empty tummy and hungry eyes in search of a good breakfast.

These two suburbs are home to a few of our go to brekky destinations. 

The Rare Pear, Lady Marmalade...

And now Deedot Coffee House. 

Deedot is located on Logan Road in Holland Park West not too far away from The Rare Pear. After wrapping up an amazing breakfast at The Rare Pear we drove past Deedot Coffee House on our way home and thought "We should really try that place soon." 

We'd been following them on Instagram for some time now and the photos of their 'Stacks On' and 'Rockdeerroad Shake' was enough to give any foodie heart palpitations!

Fortunate for us we had an upcoming breakfast date with a few of our favourite Brisbane foodies and had yet to decide upon a location. 

Deedot Coffee is a friendly, vibrant place. Its the perfect location for catching up with a group of our closets mates. We soon found out that we weren't the only ones who had planned a breakfast date at Deedot after arriving one Saturday morning. The place was full! 

Deedot serves breakfast all day long. The menu is composed of sweet and savoury brekky dishes. 

There isn't an overwhelming amount of choices- with only 6 dishes on the breakfast menu ....but decision making and the mornings don't really go together do they? 

Deedot keeps it simple. 

Since we had a nice size group we were able to sample the majority of the dishes you can find on the Deedot Breakfast menu. The dishes were very sizeable! Everyone in our party left with a extremely full and satisfied tummy.

The menu may be small but it's packed full of flavour. We are confident you'll be able to find something to satisfy your early morning cravings on the Deedot menu. There are also GF options available. Deedot serves Uncle Joe's Coffee so you can support a local roaster while enjoy your avo on toast. 

Deedot Coffee House is open Mon - Fri (6am-3:30pm) & Sat - Sun (7am-3pm) serving breakfast and lunch.

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