A Whole New Direction: Fiction Bar and Restaurant | Cleveland

Fiction Bar and Restaurant is located in the centre of the Raby Bay complex in Cleveland - about 35 minutes from Brisbane.

From the outside Fiction may appear deceivingly modest, upon further investigation you will find it's actually pretty massive. Fiction can easily seats over 200 people. The location is simply picturesque. Sit back and enjoy a nice meal while gazing over the beautiful harbour...Dining at Fiction is an experience for all the senses!!

Fiction recently underwent a major change in direction. They now have a new, enthusiastic, and talented young Chef armed with a promising new menu.

We predict 2015 will be the 'Year of Fiction' as they make their mark on the Cleveland dining scene. 

On our first visit to Fiction the new Head Chef Hayden was still serving the old menu as plans were being finalized for the new menu. The new menu has now been rolled out which just gives us another reason to visit Fiction again ASAP...

Even though the menu we enjoyed were not solely the creations of Chef Hayden he managed to put his spin on them, and breathe new life into the outdated dishes.

From the presentation, taste, and texture... we were blown away as each course was placed before us. Drop any preconceived notions you may have about Fiction. Diners can expect to enjoy a QUALITY dining experience under Chef Hayden's watch.

He has definitely gained two new regulars! We are anxiously awaiting our next visit...

Fiction also caters for functions and weddings. Have your party overlooking the serene waters of Raby Bay. For more info - Click here.

And for a behind the scenes look into the kitchen of Fiction follow Head Chef Hayden on Instagram - Click Here.

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Fiction Bar & Restaurant.