Brisbane Breakfasts: Merriweather Cafe | South Brisbane

Merriweather Cafe is a cosy little cafe in South Brisbane serving up truly inspired breakfast dishes! 

The menu at Merriweather is dictated by their suppliers. One of their major suppliers is the local group Food Connect who source all their produce from local small holding and organic farmers. 

Merriweather is all about providing quality, fresh food to their customers. Due to this their menu is ever changing as new seasonal produce becomes available. 

All jams, relishes, cakes, pastries, and muffins are made in house at Merriweather. Their exceptional coffee is courtesy of Coffee Supreme. The breakfast menu may be small, but it is very intriguing. It definitely was not what we were expecting when we popped in one Saturday morning. 

The Merriweather team aren't afraid to experiment with new flavours. If you are looking for a classic brekky/brunch dish then keep moving... 

Merriweather Cafe are redefining breakfast in Brisbane.

If you are so over boring uninspired bacon and eggs for breakfast we highly recommend trying the menu at Merriweather Cafe. 

Merriweather is open Monday - Saturday (7am to 3pm) and Sunday (7:30am to 2pm)

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