10 Burgers You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Brisbane

This is the most INSANELY CHEESY (in a good way), DIRTY, BACON-Y, FILTHY, GREASY list you will EVER read in your life. Also, if you're on a diet...leave this site... like yesterday.

This is our Top 10 Burgers in Brisbane List 2015. NO BIAS- just good burgers. Burger lovers, this is the hit list you've been waiting for. Every one of these beasts is guaranteed to make you the envy of your friends & send you into the most blissful food coma you've ever experienced. So...are you ready?

*In no particular order

1. The Getta Pig Out from Getta Burger

FRIES ON A BURGER. I really don't know what we did before Getta Burger...North siders who haven't had the opportunity to venture over to Carina to try these bad ass burgers now have a reason to rejoice...Getta Burger is opening a NEW shop in Bridgeman Downs on March 26th. Mark your calendar!! We definitely recommend trying the Getta Pig Out on your first visit. The Getta Pig Out is made up of Pulled Pork, Crispy Bacon, Double Cheese, That BBQ Sauce, topped off with Crispy Fries. OH YEAH!

2. The Resolution Breaker by Red Hook

Red Hook knows the secret to a perfect burger! They are serving up some of the sexiest burgers in town. Just look at the way that cheese glides down that juicy meat pattie....FLIRT. This burger was crafted as a special to ring in the New Year. Very fittingly named "The Resolution Breaker" it became so popular that Red Hook added it to their permanent menu.  The Red Hook Resolution Breaker burger features Double Beef, Double Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Tomato Sauce, and the Red Hook special sauce. 

3. Eat Me If You Can with a few extras by Burgers Up

Here's a challenge for you...  Burgers Up in Springfield are serving up droolworthy, classic Aussie burgers done right. All of their beef patties are minced from fresh beef cuts and made fresh in store. The thing we love most about Burger's Up is that you can create the burger of your dreams. Don't be afraid to add your own twist on their menu items. For example, check out the beast burger above. This is the 'Eat Me If You Can' burger with a few special touches: Double Beef, Double Cheese, Double Bacon, and Egg. And guess what?! This can be yours for the low price of $13.20!

Burger's Up turns 1 this Saturday and to celebrate they are inviting burger lovers to roll the dice and win a FREE meal. Check out @burgersup on Instagram for details.

4. Getta Beef on Beef by Getta Burger

If there was an olympics for burgers this one would take gold. It's all your burger wet dreams come true but we will let the ingredients speak for themselves. So epic it ranked as one of the TOP 5 burgers in an international burger battle. The Getta Beef on Beef is made up of: 12 Hour Smoked Beef Brisket, Double Beef, Double Bacon, Double Cheese, Pickles, Jalapenos, and That BBQ...

Life changing.

5. The Big Phat Greek by Chur Burger

We HAD to put a lamb burger on the list. This one comes highly recommended by Brisbane burger connoisseur Foodie Adam. Looking at this burger is like looking directly at the sun.... its too much to take!!! The Big Phat Greek Burger features beautifully prepared lamb, tomato sauce, pesto sauce, and two MOUTHWATERING pieces of Fried Goat's Cheese!

6. The Dirty Elvis by Red Hook

How many of us haven't fantasized about peanut butter on a burger. I mean #letsbehonest peanut butter is a good idea on most (if not all) food. The Dirty Elvis, off the menu, burger from Red Hook is made up of juicy, thick Waygu Beef Patties, Melted Cheese, Creamy Peanut Butter, Battered Pickles, Crispy Bacon, and Red Hook Special Sauce. 

7. The Dirty South Burger by Chur Burger

This one goes out to all my chicken burger lovers! Southern Fried Chicken, Jalapeno May, Avocado Salsa, and Deep Fried McClures Pickles on a toasted Brioche bun....those are the sinful ingredients that make up one of Chur Burgers most bangin' burger specials. There is no doubt that Chur Burger is setting the bar for burgers in Brisbane. Each week they feature a new, ridiculous creation on their Instagram page. We can't get enough!

9. The BB Double Extra Special by Ben's Burgers

Now THIS is a burger. Say hello to the BB Double Extra Special from Ben's Burgers. Can we get a moment of silence for that melted cheese?! #Cheeseporn This beauty features Double Beef Patties, Double Cheese, Candied Bacon, Pickles, BB Special Sauce, Jalapenos, and Onion!

10. The Mega Burger by Bella BBQ

And last but not least....The Mega Burger. We thought this was a very fitting end to our Top Ten list! I mean just look at it... This burger DEFINITELY lives up to it's name. Bella BBQ is Brisbane's newest food van but they are quickly making waves in the foodie scene. The Mega Burger is made up of Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Bacon Jam, Potato Salad, Fries, BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Pickles, Onion, Tomato and Lettuce. I can practically feel the food coma coming on. You can catch Bella BBQ and their awesome burgers at the Rocklea markets this Sunday!

Know of a burger that deserves a spot on our list? Tell us in the comments below.

*This list was compiled with the expert burger advice of Brisbane's resident burger king Foodie Adam