Doughnuts Are The New Black! Doughnut Time | Fortitude Valley

If you've been tuned into social media lately then you know Brisbane has gone absolutely MAD for doughnuts!

Doughnut Time to be more specific...

Doughnut Time is the newest venture for Damian Griffith, the foodie extradinair who brought us Alfred & Constance, Kwan Bros, and Chester Street Bakery. This new doughnut shop may be a 'hole in the wall' but it's certainly making a BIG impact on the food scene here in Brisbane. Doughnuts are IN and cronuts are so last season...

The menu at Doughnut Time is truly inspired...boasting flavours like Creme Brulee, Oreo, Nutella, Salted Caramel, and Maple Bacon. It's enough to make any foodie's heart skip a beat.

We were lucky enough to be taken on a behind the scenes tour of Doughnut Time HQ aka Chester Street Bakery where they are made fresh daily.

The Doughnut Time team can crank out around 30 of the giant doughnuts at one time so you can imagine how hectic the kitchen gets with the demand these doughnuts have created around town.

When their doors opened in February the lines were incredible. You would be forgiven for thinking 1D tickets were on sale...

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? There's no need to fight it. These doughnuts have earned every bit of the hype they have created.

*AmeriAus was the guest of Doughnut Time.

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