Fresh & Always Changing: Sassafras Canteen | Paddington

Sassafras Canteen in Paddington has just launched a new lunch menu and you are doing your stomach a serious injustice if you don't check it out... immediately.

Sassafras Canteen is a unique, rustic cafe serving up good wholesome food! The canteen lunches at Sassafras are unlike anything we've tried in Brisbane.

One BIG standout is that the menu changes DAILY. Each day customers can head to the Sassafras Canteen Facebook page to see the new menu. Everything is prepared (perfect if you are on the go!) and made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The lunch menu features delectable things like homemade salads, roast meats, pizza, fish, tartine, and savoury tart! The new, ever changing menu at Sassafras definitely adds a level of excitement to the lunch experience. When you turn up you never no what wonderful treats the team has in store for you.

It's the perfect opportunity to get out of your food comfort zone and try something new. Sassafras Canteen's new lunch menu is available from noon Monday - Friday and Saturday - Sunday.

For more info on Sassafras Canteen check out their new website here.

*AmeriAus was the guest of Sassafras Canteen.

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