We Want "More More" Motto Motto | Westfield Garden City

It's no secret that we are infatuated with new Garden City restaurant Motto Motto.

In fact! We recently featured their delicious Teri Teri Chicken Roll in our #GardenCityDego menu! After being invited to the official launch a month ago we anxiously awaited our next opportunity to visit. Lucky for us it didn't take long! A group of food blogger friends were looking for a new, affordable restaurant for a casual catch up and we were quick to suggest Motto Motto.

Motto Motto is William Liu's, owner of Sono and Nagomi, newest project. After mastering the world of Japanese fine dining Liu became inspired to use his experience to cater to a new market - takeaway food!

And so, Motto Motto was born! An incredibly innovative restaurant offering guests quality Japanese cuisine in a relaxed, casual setting. Think of Motto Motto as Sono's baby brother. The menu is diverse and packed full of flavour. It features traditional Japanese rice bowls, noodles, rolls, and mouthwatering side dishes. There is something for everyone at Motto Motto. After our two visits we have managed to try pretty much everything on the menu and it was all delicious and expertly prepared.

Some highlights from the menu would be the: Chicken Karage, Chips with Seaweed & Salt, Waygu Roll, and the Seared Salmon and Avocado bowl.

Motto Motto has been a HIT with Garden City shoppers and.... Liu divulged to us that he has plans to open more Motto Motto's around Brisbane! Brisbanite's rejoice!

For more info on Motto Motto check out their website Here.

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