Meet Brisbane's Newest American BBQ Food Van | Bella BBQ

Before we begin, stop, take a second...and mentally prepare yourself for the BBQ realness we are about to drop on you... 

If you’ve been tuned into the instagram lately you’ve no doubt heard us gushing about Brisbane’s newest American BBQ food van - Bella BBQ. Check them out on our Top 10 Burger list Here.

You’ve probably thought, “Hey that looks pretty good I should check that out sometime…” 

See.. that’s where you went wrong…you should have immediately made Bella BBQ your number one priority and we are about to show you why!!!

Welcome to our new “Behind the Food Van” segment. We are stepping inside the van and giving you the 411 on all things Bella BBQ. Let’s do this...

Behold! The Mega Burger.

The BBQ phenoms behind the van are Steve, Cassie, and Bob. Owner, Steve, has long held a deep passion for traditional American style BBQ. Long before it became a “thing” here in Brissy, Steve had dreams of owning his own BBQ food van. 

An electronic engineer by trade, Steve dove head first into the world of Smoking researching to hone his craft. He developed a kick ass spice rub by studying the flavour profiles of the top 20 award winning rubs in world!!! All of Bella BBQ’s sauces and rubs are handmade and Gluten Free.

Pulled Pork Burger

Encouraged by his mates, he decided to make his dream a reality. So he purchased a BEAST of a smoker on a trailer, named Daisy, and started on his BBQ journey. After cooking locally sourced pulled pork, brisket, beef ribs, etc for the masses he decided to take it up a notch. 

Jalapeno Poppers

So Steve sadly said goodbye to Daisy and purchased the big, rustic red van which has been roaming the streets of Brisbane & Logan for a month now after receiving a huge makeover (It was a wreck…).

A part from upgrading his ride, Steve also upgraded his gear purchasing a competition grade, automated pellet Yoder Smoker! The Bella BBQ crew are giving traditional American BBQ a “Bella Twist”. The menu is truly inspired and guaranteed to get your mouthwatering. Pork Ribs, INSANELY GOOD Mac N Cheese, Brisket, Poppers, Buffalo Wings…Oh and the burgers!!!...

I’m sure you’ve heard about the now famous Mega Burger but did you know Bella BBQ also does premium inside out burgers! I’m talking burger patties filled with cheese y’all…

This pattie is wrapped in bacon and filled with cheesy goodness

To sum things up, Bella BBQ is a small business that is passionate about bringing damn good food to the people of Brisbane! 

Buffalo Wings and Homemade Blue Cheese Sauce

Bella BBQ will be at the Rocklea Markets on Sunday so grab your mates and have a burger date! To find out Bella BBQ's next destination download the app - Bella BBQ’ APP.

Our favourite - Mac N Cheese, Brisket Burger

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