Verdict: Cicada Brisbane's New $20 Steak Deal | CBD

Being foodie, as you know, we eat out A LOT. Like almost every night of the week...Due to this we often get asked "Are you rich? You must be to afford to eat out so much." And sadly, I always have to answer:

I wish.

Maybe one of these days  (PLEASE GOD) I'll be like.....'Girl yasssss actually I'm worth millionzzzz' but until that day I'm always on the hunt for quality, affordable meal deal....Much like the one I bring you today. 

Sometimes you get a kind of hunger that can only be satisfied by a big, carnivorous, juicy steak! A good quality cut of steak typically comes with a hefty price tag, especially when said steak is in the CBD. Well, Cicada Brisbane just came to your rescue with their sensational new steak deal available on Wednesday & Thursday from 4pm. 

The Deal: For only $20, you can choose between 3 quality cuts of meat (Eye Fillet, Sirloin, and Waygu) and each steak is accompanied by sauce, salad, green beans, and chips!!! Needless to say its a massive plate of food. 

VERDICT: We are pleased to report that Cicada Brisbane cooks up a pretty mean steak! On my visit I ordered a Sirloin medium rare. I think it could have done with one less minute on the grill but in all it was delicious. Darrell's waygu was cooked to absolute perfection. So tender, it cut like butter! For 20 bucks it's a steal. Get your but to Cicada and take advantage of this deal before it's too late. 

*AmeriAus was the guest of Cicada Brisbane.  

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