Breakfast Date with Di Bella Coffee Bowen Hills

Making mornings in Brisbane bearable since 2002....

Nothing brings us greater joy than starting the day with a delicious, warm bagel and a cup of Di Bella Coffee...

We trekked to Di Bella Coffee Bowen Hills roasting house this week to get our hands on the newly launched 2016 Reserve Blend- Available Here. The new blend promises to offer our customers a flavour experience which is vibrant in an espresso and balanced in a milk based coffee. And boy did it deliver!

The 2016 Reserve blend delivers a citrus profile with hints of chocolate and spice. The resulting blend’s aromatics are strong and fragrant, with a perfume like quality. In an espresso you can expect a juicy acidity, with your first sip being very vibrant and clean. With your second sip, the juicy acidity is balanced by a brown sugar sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste.

The Di Bella Coffee 2016 Reserve Blend definitely added a nice kick to our customary skinny capp! If you consider yourself an adventurous coffee drinker, head to Di Bella Coffee and try it for yourself. 

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