How To Cook The Perfect Barbeque Pizza

Everyone loves a well-cooked pizza, from supreme to margarita. However, most people would agree that there is nothing better than pizza cooked in a traditional pizza oven. If you don’t happen to have one of these lying around though, your backyard barbeque is the perfect substitute as it’s able to recreate the same dry heat. Here’s a guide to cooking delicious pizzas for the family (or just for yourself!) using your BBQ.


A stone pizza base for your BBQ from a speciality retailer such as BBQ Galore is a great choice as it is designed to distribute heat evenly so your base doesn’t go soggy or turn to charcoal. If you can’t get your hands on a stone base, look for something like a flat grill – a slotted grill, although usable, can be a little tricky for pulling off the perfect Italian masterpiece.


Before you start cooking, check what your BBQ’s heat is like, if it has a thermostat, and if the lid closes properly. The reason for this is that a BBQ produces its heat directly from the bottom. Being able to close a lid over your pizza will help to radiate the heat, making it work more like an oven. In addition to this, a thermostat is also handy to have, as you need to make sure your grill maintains a fairly consistent temperature if you want to avoid uneven cooking.


BBQ cooking should be approached very differently to your oven, as this product gets used less and it lives outdoors. Smoke is one of the biggest issues, and although it might be a nice touch for some dishes, it doesn’t go well with pizza. Start by giving your grill a good clean to remove any lingering food remnants. From here, preheat your BBQ so it’s hot and ready to go – this will also give the grill a chance to burn off any access grease you didn’t get to in the clean.


The most important point to remember about toppings for barbeque pizza is to think quality over quantity. Although you might love to pile on the meat and pineapple, a thick layer of toppings is simply not going to cook through by the time the base is ready – the direct heat from the bottom will mean your base will cook in minutes. Try and stick with sauces that are full of flavour combined with a scattering of only the very best ingredients. Another point to remember is to stick with the thin crust – thick crusts just won’t cook as well.

Cooking pizza on a BBQ is not the easiest feat to pull off, as plenty of things can go wrong – from toppings slipping through the grill to burnt bases and unmelted cheese. However, this cooking art can be perfected through plenty of practice and persistence. You’ll be cooking like a pro in no time.

What are your favourite toppings for a BBQ-created pizza? Share your thoughts and cooking tips in the comments below!

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