Where To Find The Best Deep Fried Foods in Brisbane

If you are one of those really really, ridiculously fit people who believe deep fried foods are a sin then you are in the wrong place... You should check out this post instead---> fried food haters click here.

Now if you are still here....We like you. Let's be friends. In celebration of this new promising friendship we are going to gift you with the holy grail of deep fried foods in Brisbane!!!

Extra crispy...crunchy...and perfectly golden brown... Here are our top 10 BEST deep fried foods in Brisbane.

Pass the aioli!

Deep Fried Lasagne by Mangia Mangia Italian Street Goods

Yes, you heard correctly...Deep. Fried. Lasagne. It's a thing and it's available in Brisbane. Mangia Mangia Italian Street Goods food truck is behind this magnificent creation. We can't believe no one had thought of this before! Next time you see Mangia Mangia at a Brisbane event...RUN don't walk.

Mac n Cheese Squares with Smoky Mayo by Red Hook Brisbane

Okay, so we have eaten wayyyyyy too many of these bad boys. Can you blame us? Just look at that crispy, golden brown coating...and that extra cheesy mac...

Honey Puffs drizzled in Halzenut Chocolate by Zeus Street Greek

Deep fried decadence! We are so obsessed with these delicious treats from new South Bank restaurant, Zeus Street Greek. Crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. We love the way that warm hazlenut chocolate clings to the roof of our mouth... Read more about this sinful treat on our Top 5 Brisbane Desserts list.

Southern Style Chicken Wings by King of the Wings

It wouldn't be a deep fried food list without chicken wings! In our humble opinion, King of the Wings food truck serve up the best wings in Brisbane!! I think most Brisbanites would agree with me judging by the crazy long cues at King of the Wings events...It's worth the wait. Hot tip: Try the Southern Style!

Tempura Prawns from Stones Corner Hotel

Manchego & Jamon Croquettes from The Palm's Bar & Grill

For the love of cheese sticks you MUST TRY THESE!!! Similar, the Red Hook mac n cheese squares we've eaten wayyyyyy to many of these. Like now. Go.

Calamari Rings from Stones Corner Hotel

Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks with Basil and Parmesan Mayo from Chur Burger Brisbane

Mighty Fried Chicken from Mighty Mighty

Again, what kind of fried foods list would this be if we didn't include fried chicken? In case you didn't know I was born in the Southern United States, so I can honestly say this is some of the most authentic (and freaking delicious) fried chicken in Brisbane!

Beef Cheek Spring Rolls with Smoky Mayo by Cicada Brisbane

We love tender, juicy beef cheek especially when its covered in an extra crispy coating. The beef cheek spring rolls in Brisbane are our favorite spring rolls in Brisbane. Check it out!

Know of a delectable deep fried dish that deserves a spot on our list? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at ameriausblog@gmail.com