6 Reasons Why You Should Get In Bed With Crowne Plaza Terrigal

Crowne Plaza Terrigal is unlike any beach accommodation we've stayed at before... 

It's the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression. Long after our trip to the cosy, Central Coast town of Terrigal, NSW we're still dreaming of our AMAZING suite at Crowne Plaza.

We needed a break and this hotel provided the perfect escape. So without further ado (as if our mouthwatering food pics weren't encouragement enough...)

Here are 6 reasons why you should get in bed with Crowne Plaza Terrigal:

1. The hotel is GORGEOUS.

Seriously, cudos, to whoever designed this place...it's incredible. The first word that comes to mind when I think about Crowne Plaza Terrigal is GRAND. Pearly white floors, winding staircases, ornate cornices, classic furnishings, and intriguing works of art fill this palatial accommodation.

As soon as we stepped through the glossy revolving doors we knew we were in for a luxurious week. If you are looking for a taste of the good life, look no further than Crowne Plaza Terrigal. The beautifully appointed hotel and the very attentive staff will have you feeling like a King (or Queen)!

2. VERY Central Location

Crowne Plaza Terrigal is the heart of Terrigal, NSW. The beach is directly across the road, and some of Terrigal's best restaurants and shopping destinations are only minutes walk! Your car never needs to leave the parking garage. If you're like me and desperately crave seafood anytime you're near the ocean check out Blue Bell's Seafood next door to Florida Beach Bar. The food is quick and the service is excellent. Grab takeaway and enjoy your lunch by the sea.

3. Immaculate Suites

"If only we could actually live in this suite forever..." That's exactly what you'll be thinking once you step foot into the Terrace Suite at Crowne Plaza Terrigal. It was magnificent! We've stayed in suites before that - to be honest - really didn't feel like suites or weren't worth the crazy expensive nightly rate the hotel was charging. This was not one of those times. THIS was a suite.

The room was HUGE and had all the luxurious touches you'd expect with a suite. Plush robes, generous sized lounge room, private balcony, plush king bed, and a beautiful porcelain spa bath to soak away all your troubles in!

There's nothing quite like watching the sunset over the beach, as you stand enjoying the coastal breezes sweeping through your room, high up on your private balcony.

Checking out was one of the most difficult things we have EVER had to do...

4. Foodie's Playground

If you've been following our Crowne Plaza adventures for the last few weeks then you know we did not go hungry... How could we with some many quality dining options available at your fingertips!! Degustations, high teas, buffets, pub grub, tapas...the list goes on. If you are expecting your typical lacklustre hotel food then think again! The dining team at Crowne Plaza Terrigal are world class, serving up quality, thoughtfully prepared meals.

Want hear more about all the amazing food we ate? Check out our blog posts on the dining options at Crowne Plaza Terrigal by clicking the links below: 

Seasalt Restaurant
Lord Ashely Lounge
Florida Beach Bar

5. Entertainment

I know what you night owls are thinking..."What entertainment could a hotel possibly offer? Soft piano music in the lobby? I want to party!" See that's where you'd be so wrong. Crowne Plaza's Florida Beach Bar is the entertainment hub in Terrigal. The vibrant venue hosts a number of special events like trivia evenings, sports broadcasts and live bands. You can catch live bands and entertainment every Friday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturdays 1pm to 5pm & Sunday’s from 1pm to 9pm at Florida Beach Bar.  To see what musical acts are lined up next at The Beery, check out their Instagram page, click here.

6. Breathtaking Beach Views

One of the biggest perks of staying with Crowne Plaza Terrigal would have to be those views. Every where you turn there are sensational views of Terrigal Beach. Those magical, unspoiled views paired with the faint sounds of waves crashing against the shore create a very tranquil and leisurely atmosphere inside of the hotel. Oh, how we miss it!

Crowne Plaza Terrigal has so much to offer. We anxiously await our next visit! For more information on the rates, services, facilities, dining options available at Crowne Plaza Terrigal check out the official website, click here.

Thank you so much to the team at Crowne Plaza Terrigal for making our stay very enjoyable!

*AmeriAus was the guest of Crowne Plaza Terrigal.