Where To Find The Best Dumplings in Brisbane

Ahhh...Dumplings - no matter how many we consume by the dozens we never seem to tire of these delicious, savory satchels...

The possibilities are endless with what you can stuff inside a dumpling wrapper. Pork, Chicken, Beef, Seafood..we've yet to find a combination we didn't like. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

If you consider yourself a dumpling fiend too, this is a hit list you'll enjoy. Here's where you can find the best dumplings in Brisbane: 


Now you couldn't consider yourself a legitimate dumpling fiend if you haven't tried New Shanghai. New Shanghai is located in Queens Plaza in the Brisbane CBD. It's widely known among Brisbanites as dumpling nirvana. This place has a reputation for dishing out some of Brisbane's most satisfying dumpling creations. Every time we visit, it never fails, there's a line out of the door. The wait isn't too bad, and once you sit down to enjoy your freshly made dumplings you'll realize it was all worth it! One thing we really love about New Shanghai is that you can see the entire dumpling making process from the window outside of the restaurant, from start to finish. We do love a behind the scenes peek!


Dumpling Republic is located upstairs in the Wintergarden, Queen Street Mall. The restaurant specializes in fresh, flavoursome, handcrafted dumplings. The menu is extensive and features a variety of different dumplings like: steamed pork and crab, chicken and leek, and waygu beef & onion. 


Happy Little Dumplings make fresh, nutritious, and delicious dumplings that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! The restaurant was created by two close friends, who had a desire to fuse Chinese & Japanese staple favourites with a Western twist. What do we love about Happy Little Dumplings? The dumplings are quick and very tasty. Perfect for a fast bite, if you are on the go!


Moving outside of the CBD, Little Red Dumpling is a solid option if you find yourself on Brisbane's south side. Located in Pineland Plaza in Sunnybank Hills, Little Red specializes in beautiful, hand crafted fresh dumplings paired with icy cold beer. We have spent many a Saturday night chowing down on their Pan Fried Pork Dumplings, and washing it back with a Tsing Tao!

Where's your favourite spot to grab dumplings? Let us know in the comments section!

The Ultimate Movie Date Night at TRYP Hotel

There's nothing quite like a little TRYP hotel and chill...

As you may already know, TRYP Hotel is one of our go to crash pads when spending a night in Brisbane's vibrant, Fortitude Valley. It's hip & stylish, in an extremely convenient location, awesome staff, and oh let's not forget - Chur Burger room service!!! Check out our first stay at TRYP Hotel, click here

If you fancy yourself a hopeless romantic or movie buff then TRYP's new special is the perfect date night for you! Snuggle up to your loved one in one of TRYP's plush king beds and enjoy unlimited movies, popcorn, and a glass of wine with TRYP's new 'Movie Date Night' package. We checked it out and were very impressed. 

The package includes...

  • 1 night accommodation
  • 24 hours free movies
  • 2 x serves of popcorn
  • Bottle of red or white or 4 chilled beers

 Beverage options:
  • Fifth Leg ‘Whippersnapper’ Sauvignon Blanc
  • Seppelt ‘The Drives’ Shiraz
  • James Squires 150 Lashes

Watching the new Fast & Furious

The movie options were fantastic, and included heaps of new releases like Fast 7 and Unfriended. The popcorn was presented in cute movie theatre-esq cardboard boxes (pictured above)- a small touch that made the night even more enjoyable. 

Take the hassle out of planning the perfect getaway! Let TRYP do all the work for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, choose a movie, and wait for your bottle of red and freshly popped popcorn delivery. 

The Movie Date Night Package is available from $195. To book head to the TRYP Hotel website, click here.  

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Foodies

When I moved down under a few years ago from the States I was a bit saddened to see that Halloween wasn't a big deal here. Luckily for me, Aussie's seem to be growing fonder and fonder of this ghoolish holiday with time. Every year more and more Halloween festivities pop up around Brisvegas. If you still haven't gotten into the Halloween spirit, maybe you just need a bit of inspiration! You don't need to spend a lot of cash to take out the coveted 'Best Costume' award.

Here are 3 EASY last minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Foodies below: 

DR JEAN (AKA Avocado Lady)

Now if for some reason you haven't heard of Dr. Jean's viral video...prepare to #blessed. Watch the clip below. You're welcome.

What You Need:
- A Pair of Black Pants
- A Black Elbow Length Top
- 2x Gold Bracelets
- A Pearl Necklace
- A Short Dr. Jean-esq Blonde Wig
- Avocados optional

This look is simple & cheap to achieve. It's also guaranteed to leave your friends in tears. PS You may have to perform the song a few times during the night to get the full effect!


Do you or someone you know work at a fast food restaurant?? GREAT! Then you are half way there! All you need to do is chuck on the uniform and is Zombify yourself. Draw dark circles around your eyes, splatter yourself in red paint ("blood"), drag your leg when you walk, make grunt noises, and wallah! You're a zombie fast food worker! Would you like a side of brains with that?

Know of any other easy Halloween costume ideas for foodies?! Let us know in the comments below.