Zepickle Brisbane Opens It's Doors | Fortitude Valley

The kings of the Gold Coast burger scene have just opened a new joint in Fortitude Valley, and it's seriously all anyone can talk about. 

Ever since Zepickle announced plans to open a shop in Brisbane months ago, burger lovers have gone MAD with anticipation. The Zepickle opening was second only to Christmas day. And for good reason- these guys are trendsetters, one only need take a peek at their killer menu to see what all the fuss is about!

The new, industrial styled, 120 seater shop is located on Prospect Street, a few minutes walk from the Emporium. 

ZePickle are widely known for their outrageously delicious creations like the Pablo Escoburger (Ground Waygu Beef, Cheese, Guac, Queso, Smoked Jalapenos, Corn Chips, ZP Sauce), 4:20AM (Crispy Fried Chicken, Double Jack Cheese, Smoked Honey w. Bacon laced Waffle Buns made ENTIRELY OUT OF MAC N CHEESE), and the heart stopping Triple Loco (3x Hand Pressed Waygu Patties, Triple Jack Cheese, Triple Smoked Bacon, Pulled Pork, Smoked Jalapenos, Iceberg, Tomato, ZP sauce, Mum's Slaw, between Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!!!) to name a few. 

Even though the burgers are extreme, quality is never sacrificed. This, we believe,  is the secret behind ZePickle's raging success. Well that paired with the electric party like atmosphere and very talented bartenders...

The ZePickle train is showing no signs of slowing down either, with the team set to open a shop in Sydney this February! 

Zepickle Brisbane is open Tuesday to Friday 5PM to 9PM & Saturday to Sunday 12PM to 10PM

For more information on all things ZePickle head to their website, click here. 

Gold Coast Burger Joints | Obsessions on Chevron

If you've been following our foodie adventures on Instagram then YOU KNOW we enjoy a good burger. We've roamed the streets of Brisbane many a Saturday nights in search of a tender, juicy meat pattie drowned in cheese and shoved between to golden brown buns...

Only recently have we begun venturing to the Gold Coast to get our weekend burger fix...In case you weren't aware the burger scene on the GC is LEGIT.  So many quality burger joints are taking up residence on the sunny coast of Queensland. If you ask a local where the best burgers are, we know one joint that is sure to get a couple thousand mentions...

Obsessions on Chevron

Obsessions opened its doors in early 2014, and blessed us all with one of the most extensive and insane menus we've ever seen. **A warning***...these burgers are likely to induce a heart attack or some kind of episode...but hey... At least you'll die happy and well fed!

Obessions rose to infamy for it's challenge burger, fittingly named '7 Circles of Hell'. Although it's not the biggest burger they have, it almost guaranteed to have you breathing fire...like actual flames. You see, the burger contains the hottest chilies in the world, to even compete you have to sign a release from AND wear gloves. Intense. The challenge has been attempted by many but only a few legends have managed to defeat the dragon and have their name etched on the winner's board. 

You'll find Waygu, Lamb, Fish, Pork, Chicken, AND Vego burgers on the menu at Obsessions. Along chicken wings, loaded fries, extreme milkshakes, cocktails and decadent nutella drowned desserts. Need we say more?

Obessessions on Chevron is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30AM to 10PM. For more info check them out on Facebook - Click Here. 

One Night at The Grand Chancellor | Brisbane

If you are in search of a solid accommodation option for those spontaneous weekend adventures in the city, then the Grand Chancellor is sure to tick all of your boxes.

Located opposite the vibrant Roma Street Parklands, just 7 minutes walk from Grand Central Station- the Grand Chancellor Brisbane offers guest affordability without sacrificing comfort.


The Grand Chancellor Brisbane is located on 23 Leichardt Street, one of the highest points in the Brisbane Central Business District. The hotel boasts 230 rooms and suites along with a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, pool, and function room. 

After booking our room through the Hotel Tonight APP for the AH-MAZING price of $118 (on a Friday night!) we honestly weren't expecting much when we walked through the doors. So you can imagine our surprise when we were greeted by this chic little lobby! 

Photo via Grand Chancellor

The Grand Chancellor recently underwent a major refurb, breathing new life into their lobby, and conference centre. Even a few of the accommodation floors received the magic touch. We've got our fingers crossed that it spreads to the entire hotel soon! If you are lucky enough to snag a room on the newly refurb'd fllors, you are in for quite the shock once you step out of the elevator. We seriously though we had been magically transported to a different hotel...

Due to a faulty air conditioner, we were lucky enough to experience this for ourselves. Sadly, our room change happened at around 1AM so we weren't able to really enjoy (or take photos). You'll have to take our word when we say the room was VERY nice. 

Now back to our original room...and although it may not have been as glamorous as the new floors it still managed to satisfy us without breaking the bank!


During our visit at the Grand Chancellor we stayed in a Superior Room. Superior rooms are located on the first & second floors along with some of the high floors which offer guests unspoiled views of the city and parklands. 

The room comes with a King Bed, Bluetooth digital radio, an espresso machine, designer bathroom amenities, fluffy bathrobes, slippers, complimentary wifi, complimentary Voss water and a complimentary snack.

Although the styling of the room was pretty basic we were still satisfied that we had gotten more than our money's worth. The room was spotless, the bed was plush,  and we had our own private balcony with a worthwhile view. It was truly a steal for under $150. What more could you ask for!

Let's be real, if you are having a staycation in the city you most likely be looking for a comfy place to nurse your hangover after a fun night. We can say from personal experience that the Grand Chancellor is the perfect crash pad. 

For more information on the Grand Chancellor Brisbane, visit their website - click here. 

Brisbane Breakfasts: Suburban Cafe | West End

If you haven't heard of this charming, open air west end cafe by now you must seriously be living under a rock...

Suburban Cafe in West End is an oasis for foodiekind. Every time they graciously bless the good people of Brisbane with a new menu, they send social media into tizz, and we come running!

Their latest masterpiece was no exception.

We're talkin' breakfast nachos in a chili hollandaise, fried chicken & waffles, extra cheesy four cheese toasties, pulled pork eggs benny, and honeycomb waffles...it's like all of our wildest brekky dreams come true!

The team at Suburban Cafe are trend setters. They aren't afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to the most important meal of the day!

Yes, you can still find the classic scrambled eggs on toast, if you aren't feeling as adventurous. They even have something for the health nuts, like the crispy zucchini fritters, the green bowl, and house smoked salmon served with poached eggs, asparagus, creme fraiche on rye toast. 

One thing that sets Suburban Cafe apart from the rest is that they cater to all diets (or lack thereof). You can finally go out with your GF friend, and your Paleo friend, and why not bring along your Dairy Free friend, without worrying about them having slim pickings! There's nothing worse than when you're stuffing your face with a plate of fried chicken waffles, and you have to watch your Paleo friend sadly fiddling with their plate of lacklustre scrambled eggs...Right?! Total vibe killer.

The new menu is available now! Check it out and tag us on Instagram to let us know what you think [ @ameriaus_food ]

For opening times, and more information on Suburban Cafe, click here. 

*AmeriAus was the guest of Suburban Cafe

Heat Busters | Brisbane's Best Cold Desserts

We have a love/hate relationship with Brisbane summers...

On one hand we love all of the awesome new outdoors activities that summertime brings like... the royal croquet club, open air cinemas, and summer night markets...but on the other hand who the hell wants to venture out into the sweltering Brisbane heat, and leave the comfort of their air conditioned home to participate in these activities?!

The one thing that always gets us out of bed on a warm day, is the promise of a icy cold, sweet treat. If you can relate then you are in the right place!

Here are our favourite heat busting cold desserts in Brisbane:

Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van | Mobile Food Truck

Along with being one of the most adorable vehicles on four wheels, Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van dishes out some of the best classic ice cream cones you have ever seen. The van and the cones are guareenteed to make you nostalgic as you reminisce on those summer days long ago, when you were young and carefree...When you see Ruby coming (like when you were 7) run don't walk!

Stones Corner Hotel | Stones Corner 

I know what you're thinking...what amazing cold dessert could a pub possibly have? Well, you'd be surprised...We certainly were when we moseyed along to try the new summer menu last week. The new menu is like all of our wildest food dreams come true... nachoes, cheesy fries, a seafood tower fit for the gods and to top it all of NUTELLA DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.

 Enough said. 

Lick Ice Cream | Graceville

The legends behind Ekka's beloved Strawberry Sundaes have just opened up a dessert bar. Brisbanites rejoice-You can now enjoy those famous sundaes year round!! Summer just go x10000 percent better.  Strawberry cones aren't the only thing you'll find at Lick Ice Cream they also have an extensive range ice cream flavours, ice cream sandwiches, and dessert waffles. Put this place on your hit list now!

The Doughnut Bar | Brisbane CBD

Along with their inspired, decadent doughnut creations, The Doughnut bar also do some pretty mean, icy cold treats. Insane doughnut topped milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and now 'dough cones' - just in time for summer! The Doughnut Bar have managed to merge a doughnut and an ice cream cone into one. Soft, sweet pastry rolled into a cone, set with Cadbury Chocolate & filled locally made artisanal gelato.

The new dough cones will be available from their permanent set up on Edward Street in the CBD and Eat Street Markets. There will be new flavours every 2 weeks, and to kick it off this Thursday they will be giving away FREE CONES from 3pm to 5pm at the Edward street location. The first flavour up is the Cookie Monster. Go! Go! Go!

Gelateria Cremona | Rosalie

Now what kind of cold desserts list would this be if we didn't mention our favourite gelato shop??? Gelateria Cremona in Rosalie is hands down our go to spot when we are craving this addictive Italian delicacy! Gelateria Cremona pride themselves on using traditional gelato techniques to create unusual & exciting flavours. If you haven't tried their sticky date pudding or cassata gelato you are seriously depriving yourself. 

The Top 5 Best Hot Dogs in Brisbane

Frankly, we relish the opportunity to share our favourite hot dog joints in Brisbane with you, lovely reader!

When we look for the perfect hot dog there are 3 VERY IMPORTANT things we consider... Those things are: Bun Quality, Condiment Quality, and (most importantly) how well the sausage is cooked. 

We've tried our fair share of hot dogs, and these 5 have passed every one of our tests. So without further ado, here's where you can find the best hot dogs in Brisbane:

Mr. America Hot Dogs & Fries | Food Truck
If anyone knows what it takes to make a great hot dog it's Mr. America Hot Dogs & Fries! These guys have spent countless hours studying the classic American hot dog, and have the art of hot dogging down to a science. We can always count on them for a great dog, and for under $10 - can't beat it! To find out where Mr. America Food Truck is rolling to next, check them out on Facebook - click here.

Red Hook | Brisbane CBD
Yes, not only do Red Hook serve up some of the most epic, taste tingling, juicy cheeseburgers you have every seen. They also do a pretty mean kransky hot dog with bbq onion, American pickle, and crispy shallots!

NY Brew Company | Fortitude Valley
NY Brew Company - home of the pretzel buns. You simply haven't lived until you've tried one of their droolworthy dogs on a perfectly golden brown pretzel bun!

Lavosh Patisserie | Red Hill
Now you wouldn't expect to find the hot dog of your dreams at Lavosh Patisserie. This well established Red Hill patisserie is widely revered for its killer freshly baked bagels, but on a bagel run over the weekend we learned that they whip up one hell of a chili dog. Loaded up with spicy chili and cheese, the chili dog comes with a side of tortilla chips which we thoroughly enjoyed stuffing inside the bun for a nice crunch!

Gourmet Hot-Dogz | Food Truck
Gourmet Hot Dogz are taking hot dogs to the next level with some pretty sensational toppings. These gourmet dogs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face with creations like the Caramelised Onion & Crispy French Fries, and Bourbon BBQ. To find out where Gourmet H-Dogz is rolling to next be sure to check them out on Facbeook.

Where's your favourite spot to ketchup with mates and enjoy a dog or two? Let us know in the comments below!

Photography by David Griffen