Gold Coast Burger Joints | Obsessions on Chevron

If you've been following our foodie adventures on Instagram then YOU KNOW we enjoy a good burger. We've roamed the streets of Brisbane many a Saturday nights in search of a tender, juicy meat pattie drowned in cheese and shoved between to golden brown buns...

Only recently have we begun venturing to the Gold Coast to get our weekend burger fix...In case you weren't aware the burger scene on the GC is LEGIT.  So many quality burger joints are taking up residence on the sunny coast of Queensland. If you ask a local where the best burgers are, we know one joint that is sure to get a couple thousand mentions...

Obsessions on Chevron

Obsessions opened its doors in early 2014, and blessed us all with one of the most extensive and insane menus we've ever seen. **A warning***...these burgers are likely to induce a heart attack or some kind of episode...but hey... At least you'll die happy and well fed!

Obessions rose to infamy for it's challenge burger, fittingly named '7 Circles of Hell'. Although it's not the biggest burger they have, it almost guaranteed to have you breathing actual flames. You see, the burger contains the hottest chilies in the world, to even compete you have to sign a release from AND wear gloves. Intense. The challenge has been attempted by many but only a few legends have managed to defeat the dragon and have their name etched on the winner's board. 

You'll find Waygu, Lamb, Fish, Pork, Chicken, AND Vego burgers on the menu at Obsessions. Along chicken wings, loaded fries, extreme milkshakes, cocktails and decadent nutella drowned desserts. Need we say more?

Obessessions on Chevron is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30AM to 10PM. For more info check them out on Facebook - Click Here.