Heat Busters | Brisbane's Best Cold Desserts

We have a love/hate relationship with Brisbane summers...

On one hand we love all of the awesome new outdoors activities that summertime brings like... the royal croquet club, open air cinemas, and summer night markets...but on the other hand who the hell wants to venture out into the sweltering Brisbane heat, and leave the comfort of their air conditioned home to participate in these activities?!

The one thing that always gets us out of bed on a warm day, is the promise of a icy cold, sweet treat. If you can relate then you are in the right place!

Here are our favourite heat busting cold desserts in Brisbane:

Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van | Mobile Food Truck

Along with being one of the most adorable vehicles on four wheels, Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van dishes out some of the best classic ice cream cones you have ever seen. The van and the cones are guareenteed to make you nostalgic as you reminisce on those summer days long ago, when you were young and carefree...When you see Ruby coming (like when you were 7) run don't walk!

Stones Corner Hotel | Stones Corner 

I know what you're thinking...what amazing cold dessert could a pub possibly have? Well, you'd be surprised...We certainly were when we moseyed along to try the new summer menu last week. The new menu is like all of our wildest food dreams come true... nachoes, cheesy fries, a seafood tower fit for the gods and to top it all of NUTELLA DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.

 Enough said. 

Lick Ice Cream | Graceville

The legends behind Ekka's beloved Strawberry Sundaes have just opened up a dessert bar. Brisbanites rejoice-You can now enjoy those famous sundaes year round!! Summer just go x10000 percent better.  Strawberry cones aren't the only thing you'll find at Lick Ice Cream they also have an extensive range ice cream flavours, ice cream sandwiches, and dessert waffles. Put this place on your hit list now!

The Doughnut Bar | Brisbane CBD

Along with their inspired, decadent doughnut creations, The Doughnut bar also do some pretty mean, icy cold treats. Insane doughnut topped milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and now 'dough cones' - just in time for summer! The Doughnut Bar have managed to merge a doughnut and an ice cream cone into one. Soft, sweet pastry rolled into a cone, set with Cadbury Chocolate & filled locally made artisanal gelato.

The new dough cones will be available from their permanent set up on Edward Street in the CBD and Eat Street Markets. There will be new flavours every 2 weeks, and to kick it off this Thursday they will be giving away FREE CONES from 3pm to 5pm at the Edward street location. The first flavour up is the Cookie Monster. Go! Go! Go!

Gelateria Cremona | Rosalie

Now what kind of cold desserts list would this be if we didn't mention our favourite gelato shop??? Gelateria Cremona in Rosalie is hands down our go to spot when we are craving this addictive Italian delicacy! Gelateria Cremona pride themselves on using traditional gelato techniques to create unusual & exciting flavours. If you haven't tried their sticky date pudding or cassata gelato you are seriously depriving yourself.