Zepickle Brisbane Opens It's Doors | Fortitude Valley

The kings of the Gold Coast burger scene have just opened a new joint in Fortitude Valley, and it's seriously all anyone can talk about. 

Ever since Zepickle announced plans to open a shop in Brisbane months ago, burger lovers have gone MAD with anticipation. The Zepickle opening was second only to Christmas day. And for good reason- these guys are trendsetters, one only need take a peek at their killer menu to see what all the fuss is about!

The new, industrial styled, 120 seater shop is located on Prospect Street, a few minutes walk from the Emporium. 

ZePickle are widely known for their outrageously delicious creations like the Pablo Escoburger (Ground Waygu Beef, Cheese, Guac, Queso, Smoked Jalapenos, Corn Chips, ZP Sauce), 4:20AM (Crispy Fried Chicken, Double Jack Cheese, Smoked Honey w. Bacon laced Waffle Buns made ENTIRELY OUT OF MAC N CHEESE), and the heart stopping Triple Loco (3x Hand Pressed Waygu Patties, Triple Jack Cheese, Triple Smoked Bacon, Pulled Pork, Smoked Jalapenos, Iceberg, Tomato, ZP sauce, Mum's Slaw, between Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!!!) to name a few. 

Even though the burgers are extreme, quality is never sacrificed. This, we believe,  is the secret behind ZePickle's raging success. Well that paired with the electric party like atmosphere and very talented bartenders...

The ZePickle train is showing no signs of slowing down either, with the team set to open a shop in Sydney this February! 

Zepickle Brisbane is open Tuesday to Friday 5PM to 9PM & Saturday to Sunday 12PM to 10PM

For more information on all things ZePickle head to their website, click here.