Valentine's Day | Brisbane's Most Romantic Restaurants

Love is in the air in Brisbane!

That's right, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we've got the scoop on the best restaurants in Brisbane to take your special someone. Now, our definition of 'romantic isn't as clear cut as you may think. This isn't a list of the most expensive, and uber fancy restaurants in Brisbane (although a few are included...) This is a list of restaurants that possess the following things: intimate atmosphere, world class food, impeccable service, and most importantly a sensational wine list... 

Have your phone handy! Here are our top 10 most romantic restaurants in Brisbane to spend Valentine's: 

1. Prive 249 | Sofitel Brisbane Central

Prive 249 is always in the mood for romance! If you are looking to get in the good graces of your special someone then we highly advise booking a table at this elegant restaurant. Prive 249 specializes in French Inspired Australia cuisine. The restaurants boasts  a very intimate, and exclusive atmosphere, only sitting around 50 people. The service is impeccable and the staff will have you feeling like a king or queen by the time the petite fours arrive. 

Prive 249's Valentine's package includes five magnificent courses, a premium gift packed flower for each Valentine, and a bottle of Vintage Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne to share. 

First Sitting: $199 per person-- 5:30pm to 7:30pm (includes an after dinner drink in Cuvee Lounge Bar)
Second Sitting: $235 per person-- 8:30pm to late (includes a welcome drink in Cuvee Lounge Bar)

For All Dining Bookings – call 07 3835 3535 or email

2. Bacchus | Rydges South Bank

Bacchus is undoubtedly one of the most elegant, and beautifully appointed restaurants in Brisbane. The best way we would describe it is as a upscale, luxurious living room. The french restaurant boasts a very comfortable and sexy atmosphere. Relax in a high back Gregorian wing chair as you are spoiled with the delicious fare of executive Chef Mark Penna. You will be feeling like royalty in no time.

For $169pp enjoy a 4 course degustation, a glass of Ruinart on arrival, live jazz music, a long stem rose, and chocolates for the ladies.

For All Dining Bookings - call (07) 3364 0837 

3. Lutece Bistro & Wine Bar | Bardon

Bring the romance of Paris to Brisbane by celebrating "La Saint Valentin" with Lutece Bistro. Leave yourself in Chef Romaine's hands as he prepares you the perfect classic french Valentine's dinner!

Enjoy a glass of champagne on arrival  and 3 course dinner for $120pp. There are two sittings available.

First Sitting (5:30pm)- Available Here
Second Sitting (8:15pm)- Available Here

4. Pony Dining | Eagle Street Pier

Allow Pony Dining to set the mood for your Valentine's day. Pony Dining located on Eagle Street Pier never fails to deliver a memorable dining experience. The elegant modern Australian restaurant offers guests one of the best views in Brisbane matched with exquisite food. Treat your loved one to a three course dinner with a glass of Veuve Clicquot served upon arrival for $95 per person whilst overlooking the Story Bridge. Space is limited. 

For All Dining Bookings -- email or call 07 3181 3411

5. 85 Miskin St | Toowong

85 Miskin formerly known as "Brents" is one of the most affordable and quality fine dining experiences in Brisbane. Located in the quite suburb of Toowong, is dishing up some of the most inspired degustation menus in a homely atmosphere.

85 Miskin's Valentine’s Day Dinner-
$120 per person – 5 courses

Seating 1 – 5:30/6pm until 8pm
Seating 2 – from 8:15/8:30 pm

For All Dining Bookings call 33714558

 6. Stokehouse | South Bank

"Booking a table at Stokehouse was a bad idea" said no sane person ever...Stokehouse is a favorite of many Brisbanites and is our go to destination for a romantic evening in the city. Unspoiled river views, a superb cocktail list, and magnificent desserts are three of the reasons why Stokehouse tops our list as one of the most romantic in Brisbane. 

To spread the love, Stokehouse will have 3 sittings on Valentine’s Day evening (Sunday, February 14) with the first sitting for couples at from 5:30pm to 8pm; the second sitting from 7pm to 9pm for groups of four and larger, and a late sitting from 8.30pm for couples. The custom designed three course menu has been paired 2004 Domaine Chandon ‘Prestige CuvĂ©e’ Sparkling, plus Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot, as well as a the Midnight Kiss Cocktail and a selection of beers. All-inclusive at $220 per person.

For All Dining Books -- call  (07) 3020 0600  or email

7. Fiamme Trattoria | Albion

Italy and romance go hand and hand. And a taste of Italia is exactly what you'll find at Fiamme Trattoria in Albion. Authentic Italian food + Italian wine + soft music equals one amazing Valentine's date. 

To view the menu at Fiamme Trattoria, click here

Best Burgers in Brisbane: Char Boys | West End

The burger scene in Brisbane is fierce at the moment... To stay a head of the game you have to be fresh, innovative, and have damn good, quality ingredients! Burger enthusiast in Brisbane expect nothing but the best- so ditch the tasty cheese and woolies bread rolls please....

With some many extreme, seemingly unedible creations running a muck around the city you can't be afraid to switch things up and give the people what they want. Now that doesn't many you have to sacrifice your burger morals...Char Boys at the Boundary Street Markets in West End have found the recipe for success and with one magnificent mouthful have forged their way to the top of our Brisbane burger list!

The secret to their success? They stay true to the good ol fashion American cheeseburger but with an added Char Boys kick! But don't get us wrong Char Boys is not afraid to get creative in the'll find some pretty bad ass weekly specials on the menu at Char Boys like the Mr. Scorcher [2x 140g beef patties, double bacon, double American Cheese, tomato, jalapenos, hot sauce, 2x hash browns, and lettuce]. Quality, however, is not sacrificed and you won't need to deconstruct your burger just to fit it in your mouth. Another huge thing that sets Char Boys apart from it's competitors?? The price. The average burger at Char Boys will only run you about $10!! You simply can't beat that.

From the juicy medium rare patties, to the squishy brioche buns this burger joint easily tops the list as one of our favorite burgers in Brisbane. Try it for yourself! 

All You Can Eat Brisbane | ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi

For those days where you feel like everything PLUS the kitchen sink.......

What is it about buffets that makes our hearts flutter? Is it the seemingly never ending isles of tasty ready to eat food just waiting to be devoured, or maybe it's relief we feel when we don't really have to decide what to eat... because at buffets you can literally have it all!

Whatever the reason, were always down for a good buffet and lucky for you we've managed to find one of the best Brisbane has to offer. ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi Buffet is located on 70 Mary Street in the Brisbane CBD.

Shabuhouse opened its doors back in 2011 with a mission to provide the good people of Brisbane with a unique dining experience they had previously been deprived of. That experience was shabushabu or individual hot pot. At Shabuhouse customers are invited to DIY their own hotpot. They provide all the delicious, fresh ingredients and then you create your hot pot to your liking!

Hot Pot isn't the only thing you'll find on the Shabuhouse menu, however. The buffet also features a number of mouthwatering hot dishes like crispy calamari, chicken wings, and potato croquettes. You'll also find one of the most magnificent, awe inspiring sushi buffets in Brisbane. It will literally bring a tear to your eye. All this good food for under $40 per person.

Now that we've got you salivating, we're giving you the opportunity to win dinner for 2 at ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi Buffet! To enter: Simply subscribe to our blog by entering your email in the bar at the top of the page! 

*AmeriAus was the guest of Shabuhouse Brisbane

How To Start Your Own Food Blog [+ Popular Food HashTags]

Been thinking of starting a food blog, but not quite sure where to begin? We'd be happy to help you with that!

We started our blog - AmeriAus - about 3 years ago and a lot has happened since then. In the beginning our site started out as an online private journal for us to document our travel experiences. After falling in love with blogging in 2013 we decided to take our site seriously and share it with the world. In that time the site has undergone a number of changes, and we have learned so much. Our following currently stands at over 40k. And now, we'd like to share with you how we started it all. Here is our four step process to starting a successful food blog:

STEP ONE: Find Your Niche

You're probably wondering why this is the first step... Isn't food my niche? The answer to that question is no, not really. Food is a very broad term and can encompass a number of different topics. Are you a restaurant reviewer? Recipe Developer? Nutritionist? Fine Dining Enthusiast? Burger Aficionado? Are you focusing on a particular country, or city? Finding your niche and sticking to it is key to your blog's success. Developing a niche is the first step to finding and attracting your target audience. For example, single blokes in their 20s looking for a dirty big cheeseburger won't necessarily be interested in reading about 10 minute breakfast recipes for the mom on the go. Our blog focuses primarily on featuring quality restaurants and travel destinations throughout Australia.

Deciding on a niche can be stressful, and you'll be tempted to do it all. But trust us, it's easier to focus on one or two things and do them extremely well...then to blog about everything and have poor quality content. Choose something that you're passionate about and that relates to your everyday life.

STEP TWO: Choose Your Blog Name

This is perhaps one of the most important steps. Why is that? Because a poorly chosen blog name can result in a lot of regret later on. After you have established your following and relationship with brands it's not advised to change your name. This is what people know you for. Changing your name suddenly can result in a lot of confusion and rebranding is no simple task.

For example, first you have to redesign your logo and change your email... Then, you have to alert anyone you've ever worked with that your email has changed (a mammoth task)... You also have make several posts letting your followers know you've changed your name so they don't accidentally unfollow you because your new name was unfamiliar to them.... Long story short, don't change your name...

Choose something unique, and catchy. Don't select an unoriginal name like "BestFoodEverInBrisbane.Com" There are a million bloggers with similar names, and you're going to want to stand out from the pack. This name is also very limiting. Do you plan on living in Brisbane for the rest of your life? If not at some point you will need to change your name. Don't be afraid to get creative or even a little weird. Some of the best food blogs out there have quirky, interesting names. For instance, our favorite insta-foodie's blog goes by the name of Tara Milk Tea. In an interview, Tara said her blog name was an old nickname her friends made up for her because she drunk a lot of milk tea. It's unique, it's catchy, it works. Our name (AmeriAus) is a conjunction of the nationalities of my partner and I. I'm American and he is Australian. This blog focuses on our personal travel and food experiences. The name provides us with a lot of flexibility. For instance if we moved to a different city, or decided to live in the States for a while our name is still relevant. Choose something that represents you and own it!

STEP THREE: Gather Your Equipment

In order to run a successful food blog you'll need a few things:

1. Note Pad: We go through notepads like pairs of socks. It's a great place to jot down your blog post ideas, social media to do lists, goals and blogging tips you pick up along the way. It's also handy to have on you at media events in case any interesting information is mentioned that you might want to include in a future blog post.

2. Camera: If you are serious about your blogging then having a quality camera is essential. Content is everything when it comes to blogging and if businesses think your content is poor they won't want to work with you. I mean what restaurant owner wants blurry, barely recognizable photos of their food? You don't have to spend a fortune to take great pictures. Their are plenty of affordable compact cameras that will do the job just fine.

3. Planner/Calendars: A calendar or planner is a must have. For us, it's where we keep track of events, restaurant openings, and important holiday's we want to highlight on our blog. Once your blog starts to get noticed by pr/marketing firms you'll start to getting invites to different media functions. This will be your first introduction into the world of professional blogging and you're going to want to make a good impression. Keep track of all your commitments in a planner instead of relying on your memory alone. Always make sure you're on time and avoid canceling last minute unless its a real emergency. 

STEP FOUR: Create & Push Your Content

Now it's time to get blogging! Brainstorm a list of blog posts idea in your note pad, and start writing. In the beginning we recommend keeping your blog updated with quality content every day (or even twice a day). Right off the bat, you want people to know you are serious and not just blogging on a whim. Create social media pages for your blog. We highly recommend Instagram for food blogging. Be sure to use popular hashtags that relate to your niche. There are many feature accounts on Instagram and just by using a hashtag like #eatfamous you can have your content shared with over 100k people. It's an easy way to get those initial few followers, draw attention to your blog, and build momentum.  Here are a few of our favorite hashtags:



Running a succesful food blog is a lot of hard work!! We are constantly learning and working on ways to improve. Do you have any useful tips and advice for new food bloggers??? Let us know! 

Words by Chelsea Hawkins (@ameriaus_food)

How to Plan The Ultimate Food Crawl [South Brisbane Edition]

Because eating at one restaurant is so 2015...


A food crawl is when you and a group of ambitious foodie friends decide to eat at multiple restaurants ( 3+) on one single occasion. It's exciting, decadent, and highly likely to induce a food coma.

Habitat Restaurant & Bar: Kick things off with a few cocktails and espresso martinis!
In order to do a food crawl, first you need to find a quality dining precinct. Preferably with lots of restaurants within walking distance of each other. We highly recommend the South Brisbane precinct. The South Brisbane precinct is a foodie's playground. Its filled with loads of amazing restaurants and bars like Julius Pizzeria, Habitat, Billy Kart Kitchen, and SBC.

Not into cocktails? Grab an icy cold craft beer from SBC instead!


Planning is key when it comes to food crawls. As a group determine which restaurants you want to visit. We advise having a look at the menus of the restaurants you'll be hitting up beforehand.

Habitat: Duck & Plum Spring Rolls - a must try!

Decide who does the best cocktails, starters (share style is the best style), mains, desserts and lock down your itinerary. You don't want to get to the first restaurant only to discover they have a KILLER dessert menu. Not that that would stop us from ordering from it....

Julius Pizzeria: Crispy Calamari Platters
Another good reason to have a sneaky peek at the menu beforehand is to get a rough idea at how much per person the crawl is going to cost you. Make sure everyone has cash handy!

Julius Pizzeria: The Tartufo Bianche Pizza is delicious and made for sharing!

Lastly, and undoubtedly the most important tip we have is do not over order. You must leave room for dessert or the crawl is not complete!!!

Gauge Brisbane: Feeling adventurous? Try the Quandongs with Thyme and Burnt Cream

Now go forth my child, and eat your way through South Brisbane!!

*AmeriAus was the guest of Aria Property Group.