All You Can Eat Brisbane | ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi

For those days where you feel like everything PLUS the kitchen sink.......

What is it about buffets that makes our hearts flutter? Is it the seemingly never ending isles of tasty ready to eat food just waiting to be devoured, or maybe it's relief we feel when we don't really have to decide what to eat... because at buffets you can literally have it all!

Whatever the reason, were always down for a good buffet and lucky for you we've managed to find one of the best Brisbane has to offer. ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi Buffet is located on 70 Mary Street in the Brisbane CBD.

Shabuhouse opened its doors back in 2011 with a mission to provide the good people of Brisbane with a unique dining experience they had previously been deprived of. That experience was shabushabu or individual hot pot. At Shabuhouse customers are invited to DIY their own hotpot. They provide all the delicious, fresh ingredients and then you create your hot pot to your liking!

Hot Pot isn't the only thing you'll find on the Shabuhouse menu, however. The buffet also features a number of mouthwatering hot dishes like crispy calamari, chicken wings, and potato croquettes. You'll also find one of the most magnificent, awe inspiring sushi buffets in Brisbane. It will literally bring a tear to your eye. All this good food for under $40 per person.

Now that we've got you salivating, we're giving you the opportunity to win dinner for 2 at ShabuHouse Hot Pot & Sushi Buffet! To enter: Simply subscribe to our blog by entering your email in the bar at the top of the page! 

*AmeriAus was the guest of Shabuhouse Brisbane