Best Burgers in Brisbane: Char Boys | West End

The burger scene in Brisbane is fierce at the moment... To stay a head of the game you have to be fresh, innovative, and have damn good, quality ingredients! Burger enthusiast in Brisbane expect nothing but the best- so ditch the tasty cheese and woolies bread rolls please....

With some many extreme, seemingly unedible creations running a muck around the city you can't be afraid to switch things up and give the people what they want. Now that doesn't many you have to sacrifice your burger morals...Char Boys at the Boundary Street Markets in West End have found the recipe for success and with one magnificent mouthful have forged their way to the top of our Brisbane burger list!

The secret to their success? They stay true to the good ol fashion American cheeseburger but with an added Char Boys kick! But don't get us wrong Char Boys is not afraid to get creative in the'll find some pretty bad ass weekly specials on the menu at Char Boys like the Mr. Scorcher [2x 140g beef patties, double bacon, double American Cheese, tomato, jalapenos, hot sauce, 2x hash browns, and lettuce]. Quality, however, is not sacrificed and you won't need to deconstruct your burger just to fit it in your mouth. Another huge thing that sets Char Boys apart from it's competitors?? The price. The average burger at Char Boys will only run you about $10!! You simply can't beat that.

From the juicy medium rare patties, to the squishy brioche buns this burger joint easily tops the list as one of our favorite burgers in Brisbane. Try it for yourself!