How to Plan The Ultimate Food Crawl [South Brisbane Edition]

Because eating at one restaurant is so 2015...


A food crawl is when you and a group of ambitious foodie friends decide to eat at multiple restaurants ( 3+) on one single occasion. It's exciting, decadent, and highly likely to induce a food coma.

Habitat Restaurant & Bar: Kick things off with a few cocktails and espresso martinis!
In order to do a food crawl, first you need to find a quality dining precinct. Preferably with lots of restaurants within walking distance of each other. We highly recommend the South Brisbane precinct. The South Brisbane precinct is a foodie's playground. Its filled with loads of amazing restaurants and bars like Julius Pizzeria, Habitat, Billy Kart Kitchen, and SBC.

Not into cocktails? Grab an icy cold craft beer from SBC instead!


Planning is key when it comes to food crawls. As a group determine which restaurants you want to visit. We advise having a look at the menus of the restaurants you'll be hitting up beforehand.

Habitat: Duck & Plum Spring Rolls - a must try!

Decide who does the best cocktails, starters (share style is the best style), mains, desserts and lock down your itinerary. You don't want to get to the first restaurant only to discover they have a KILLER dessert menu. Not that that would stop us from ordering from it....

Julius Pizzeria: Crispy Calamari Platters
Another good reason to have a sneaky peek at the menu beforehand is to get a rough idea at how much per person the crawl is going to cost you. Make sure everyone has cash handy!

Julius Pizzeria: The Tartufo Bianche Pizza is delicious and made for sharing!

Lastly, and undoubtedly the most important tip we have is do not over order. You must leave room for dessert or the crawl is not complete!!!

Gauge Brisbane: Feeling adventurous? Try the Quandongs with Thyme and Burnt Cream

Now go forth my child, and eat your way through South Brisbane!!

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