Top 5 Best Fried Chicken Burgers in Brisbane

Fried chicken burgers have always held a special place in our heart! I mean who doesn't enjoy crispy fried chicken. It's pretty bad ass on it's own but when you add creamy slaw and a sweet brioche bun...something magical happens. Angels cry and a fried chicken burger is born! Lucky for you we've managed to track down some of the best Brisbane has to offer.

1. "LudaKrisp" by Miss Kay's Burger Bar | Brisbane CBD

If you have not tried the LudaKrisp from Miss Kay's Burger Bar on 185 George Street in the CBD you are doing your stomach a serious injustice. What's not to love about this beautiful, deep fried masterpiece!? The perfect ratio of tender, juicy, crispy fried chicken and creamy slaw wedged between a warm brioche bun.

2. Taps The Valley | Fortitude Valley

Just when we thought fried chicken burgers couldn't get any better Taps went and added American cheddar and BACON! For only $15 (including chips) this fried chicken burger is one of the tastiest and best value burgers around! This baby is jammed packed with perfectly golden brown chicken tenders. If this doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will!

3. The Bleachers | Fortitude Valley

The Bleachers brought to you by the legends behind Ben's Burger is cranking out what many say is THE BEST fried chicken burger in town. Simple but done extremely well, this is the perfect choice for fried chicken burger purists who believe the chicken itself should be the real star.

4. "The Southern Hick" by Ze Pickle | Fortitude Valley

We've yet to meet a Ze Pickle burger we didn't like and their "Southern Hick" burger is no exception. The burger features crispy fried chicken, maple smoked bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and zp sauce. Add guacamole and prepare yourself for a flavour explosion. Run don't walk.

5. "Son of a Gun" by Red Hook Brisbane | Brisbane CBD

The "Son of a Gun" (pictured above) from Red Hook Brisbane is the fried chicken burger of your dreams. Extra crispy fried chicken, creamy slaw, and maple bacon! Does it get any better??

Now, back away from your computer and get your mouth around one of these burgers now. You'll thank us later!

Words by Chelsea Berry. Photo by @FoodieAdam.