Top Food Picks For Night Noodle Markets 2016

Good Food Month's flagship event, The Night Noodle Markets, are only a few short days away and we've got the perfect hit list of every droolworthy street eat you need to devour.

The Night Noodle Markets will takeover the Southbank Parklands for 12 nights, July 20 to 31st, heaps of time to get your foodie fix. With over 25 restaurants setting up shop in the Parklands there are a ton of dishes to get through. Lucky for you, we've managed to track down the stars of the show! Here are 6 taste tantalizing treats you need to try at The Night Noodle Markets 2016:

Peking Duck Fries From Bao Stop

photo: msbrulee
Fresh Black Truffle Ramen From Taro's Ramen

photo via thefatwebsite
Steamed Duck Buns From Madame Wu

Japanese Pizza Pork from Okonomi House

Raindrop Cake From Harajuku Gyoza

Strawberry Watermelon Cake From Black Star

Words by Chelsea Hawkins