Our Weekend in Warwick | Sourced Southern Downs Flavours

Last month, we had the pleasure of spending two wonderful nights in Southern Downs town of Warwick to fully immerse ourselves in the final days of their annual Jumper & Jazz Festival. If you've never seen the quiet country town of Warwick during the Jumper & Jazz festival let me tell you it's a sight to behold!

In winter the town comes alive with excitement and jazz music fills the air. Every tree, statue, and corner store receives a wooly makeover and all the towns people gather together dressed in their best handmade threads, and dance in the streets!

There's jazz themed dinners, suitcases rummages, artwork, and more. This year was especially exciting with the launch of Warwick's first ever foodie festival, Sourced Southern Downs Flavours by Amy Walker of The Wife Creative and the Southern Downs Regional Council.

The festival put Southern Downs produce center stage, and invited guests to stroll from stall to stall tasting delicious local treats. Wines, Beers, Honey, Jam, Baked Goods and more lined the streets of Warwick. A delicious, foodie friendly addition to the Jumpers & Jazz program.

For more information on Jumpers & Jazz in July & Sourced Southern Downs Flavours, head to the official website, available here.

Words by Chelsea Hawkins. AmeriAus was the guest of Southern Downs Regional Council.