Hank's Burgers and Beer | Caxton Street

A new burger joint has just opened on Caxton Street and it's sure to be your new favorite Sunday sesh spot.

Hanks Burgers and Beer is bringing a taste of Americana to Caxton Street. The menu features all the things we love about American food- loaded fries, dirty burgers and fried chicken. Pair all that with an icy cold craft beer and we're in heaven!

Each of the burgers on the menu at Hank's is named after one of the fifty states, including the special which changes weekly. The burgers are big, juicy, cheesy and stay very true to the yank style!

Our Top Picks: The Idaho Burger, New York, and Crispy Fried Chicken

If you are feeling brave Hank's also has a a special off the menu burger called "The Colorado"...but be warned this burger is not for the faint hearted. The beastly burger features: 4 juicy beef patties, 4 layers of cheese, bacon, pickles and onion. You game? 

For more information on Hanks Burgers & Beer check out their Facebook, available here

Words by Darrell Hawkins. Follow him on Instagram