We Try ZePickle's Off The Menu Burger | Kanye's Mum

Off the menu burgers are becoming a thing in Brisbane...

What's an "Off The Menu" burger you ask? An OTM burger is a special, usually wild, burger creation that only a privileged few know about. It doesn't appear on the menu and you typically have to be following the burger joint on social media to even hear about it! So if you are not on the gram yet, it's about time you made an account because you are seriously missing out...

How do you unlock this exclusive burger? All one has to do is ask!

The OTM burger that currently has Brisbane captivated is the "Kanye's Mum" from the legends at ZePickle. It has all the components of the popular "Ya Mum's" burger with a few droolworthy additions. Here's the burger breakdown:

Ya Mum's Burger
- Hand Pressed Waygu Beef Pattie
- Ze Fries
- Jack Cheese
- Truffle Butter

Kanye's Mum 
- All of that stuff
- Smoked Jalapenos
- Maple Smoked Bacon
- Kanye's Fried Cheese Sticks

Needless to say, its incredible. Think you can handle it? Simply drop the name when you're ready to place your order. Know of an OTM burger we should try? Send us an email to ameriausblog@gmail.com

Words by Darrell Hawkins. Follow him on Instagram.