Cheap Suburban Eats At Seoul Bistro With Eat Now

Seoul Bistro in Sunny bank has quite the reputation amongst foodies for its cheap prices and mouthwatering fried chicken.

For those not in the know, Seoul Bistro is home to Brisbane first and only FRIED CHICKEN BUFFET. Needless to say the buffet gets very busy... and after a big week, waiting around for a table so we can indulge in a little "food therapy" is the last thing we want to do....

That's where Eat Now comes in. After scrolling through the app in search of something to satisfy our hunger we were pleasantly surprised to find Seoul Bistro available for delivery and pick up! I don't know about you but fried chicken delivery + netflix  + beer sounds like a pretty decent way to spend the evening...

Ordering with Eat Now is super simple but in case you've never used it before, here's what you need to do:

1. Download your Eat Now app from the app store (or go online)
2. Type in your suburb to find restaurants that are available for delivery in your area
3. Choose your meal

To finish, enter your payment info and wait for your order confirmation email. Our meal was hot & fresh when it arrived! This time around we ordered the 22 piece buffalo wings ($32.90) and the Japa fried chicken burger (Only $9.90 with chips!!!). The fried chicken burgers were massive, very crispy and delicious. In fact, we were so impressed it currently holds #1 spot on our favorite fried chicken burgers in Brisbane list. So, HIGHLY recommended!

To entice you even more Eat Now offers exclusive deals only available on the app at certain restaurants. For instance, you can get 15% off your order at Seoul and your 8th order FREE. Check it out for yourself by visiting the Eat Now website, available here.

Words by Chelsea Hawkins.