Where To Find Brisbane's Best Tacos

Tacos are the answer to pretty much any problem a person could possibly have....

Having a bad day? Tacos.

Break up with your cheating scum boyfriend? Tacos. 

One disappointment away from strangling your boss? Tacos.

Tacos are always there when you need them. They don't judge. So to save you the time you could be using to indulge in a bit of Mexican food therapy we have rounded up the best tacos Brisbane has to offer.

Mucho Mexicano | South bank & Milton

These are hands down our favorite tacos in Brisbane. Always fresh and loaded to perfection- a visit to Mucho never ends in disappointment. But the highlight of their delicious menu would have to be the "Mother of all Tacos". Never heard of it? Allow me to educate you... the mother of all tacos is comprised of a platter of slow cooked brisket, crispy skinned pork belly or chargrilled pork accompanied by warm tortillas, salsa fresca, guac, and sour cream. Gather your mates and order a couple platters, and prepare for one epic food coma.

Communa Cantina | Queen Street Mall

Located in Albert Lane of the Queen Street mall Communa Cantina is the perfect taco pit stop while you take care of all your Christmas shopping. You'll find authentic eats from south of the border and killer cocktails at this lively Brisbane restaurant.

Beach Burrito Co | Fortitude Valley

Tummy rumbling after a night out in the valley. Head to Beach Burrito Co for all your hangover needs. Nothing quite soaks up those tequila shots like a big, juicy burrito!

Red Hook | Brisbane CBD

I know what you're thinking...Red Hook...isn't that a burger joint. You'd be correct. It is a burger joint but it also happens to have a few bad ass tacos on the menu. Try it for yourself and thank us later.

Guzman Y Gomez | Everywhere

For those days where you can't get to the locations we've listed above or your simply don't have the cash- GYG is a solid option. Located in almost every shopping centre in town, GYG serves up reliably delicious fresh Mexican eats.

Words by Chelsea Hawkins. Image via Devour Power. Follow her on Instagram.