The Wobbly Cheesecake That's Got Sydney Going Mad!

There's a new cheesecake in town and you would have had to been sleeping under a rock not to know about it. Or maybe your one of those strange people who have cut sugar completely out of their diet, in which case, please leave...

Japanese Cheesecake isn't like the normal cheesecake we've grown to love. To start of it's baked instead of chilled and the consistency is completely different. It's not thick and's light and fluffy...wobbly even!

This in our eyes makes it the perfect dessert for any occasion. Maybe your stuffed after a big meal but don't want to imagine a world where you would skip out on dessert....No need to fret, this light and delicious cake is guaranteed to satisfy without making you feel ill afterwords.

So far the only place we've found in Australia serving up this magnificent cake is Uncle Tetsu in Sydney. There you will find a variety of cheesecake flavours (like the beloved Matcha!) along with other droolworthy sweets.

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake
501 George Street, Sydney
Open Mon-Sun (11am-10pm)

*AmeriAus paid for this meal. Words by Chelsea Hawkins. Follow her on Instagram.