Betty's Burgers Now Open in Brisbane

Let it be known that on this day (22nd of June, 2017) Betty's Burgers finally opened it's first Brisbane restaurant. 

Yes you read correctly, Bettys Burgers is now open in Brisbane! The day we burger lovers have long awaited has finally come. 

Betty's Burger first Brisbane store is now open for business at Westfield Chermside. Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard about all the big things happening at Westfield Chermside. 

They just finished a major new dining area, officially making it the biggest Westfield in the country. If you don't have any weekend plans we highly recommend a foodie trip to Chermside. Restuarants like Motto Motto, Coco Bliss, 4 Fingers, Fiery Deli, Zues Street Greek + more have opened their doors, There is so much deliciousness going on you'll need a few trips to get though it all. 

Betty's Burger should, ofcourse, be first on your hit list!