Best Burgers of Sydney: Thirsty Bird

Allow us to introduce you to what could very well be the best fried chicken burger in Sydney.

Thirsty Bird is located in Potts Point but for those of us who are lazy, they’re on Uber Eats too! They’re open 7days each week to keep Sydney fed. We were a little worried when we checked out the menu and made our decision that we’d need to arrange a ‘wide load’ escort for the delivery though!

The menu is simple enough (thankfully) offering up Southern Fried Chicken in both original and hot
and spicy varieties. For those a little more adventurous, a nice selection of chicken burgers will keep
you happy. Our choice was ‘The Stinger’ – a spicy southern fried chicken burger, with cheese, special
sauce and fresh slaw. If you know us, then you’d know that the only way we eat fried chicken
burgers is BIG... for only $5 more our burger was doubled and we were super excited when we took
hold of it! Massive... just massive.

The chicken is brined with a mix of salt’s spices, garlic and herbs. When blended together, flavouring
the meat with a delicious, fresh taste keeping the chicken tender and juicy is guaranteed. To create
that perfect crispy crunch, the chicken is air dried in a cool room for 24 hours allowing the skin to
adhere to the meat. Coated in a secret seasoned flour mix and dipped in a creamy buttermilk bath
and repeated for double the satisfaction before being cooked up to a golden perfection... Let me at
another one soon please!