Tips For Visiting Tamborine Mountain

If you are among the lucky few who have managed to secure an extra long holiday then you may be sitting around the house wondering what to do with your free time.

How about a day trip to Tamborine? 

Beautiful wines, artisan cheeses, award winning spirits, and fresh, local produce are what you can expect to find on the mountain. This boutique destination is the perfect escape for those seeking a bit of  indulgent 'me time'. Maybe you're after a more action packed weekend? Not to worry... Tamborine has plenty of thrill seeking activities, nature hikes, and views to satisfy your adventurous heart. 

Here are few tips to make the trip more enjoyable...

TIP #1: Have a DD or book a bus tour.

As I briefly mentioned, there are a number of amazing wineries, distilleries, and breweries on Tamborine. Most, have a cellar door and offer tastings for a few dollars. If you plan on working your way around the mountain one sip at a time, you must have a designated driver. Mountain roads at night can be a challenge for skilled drivers let alone a buzzed one...If none of your friends are willing to take one for the team then perhaps a bus tour is your best option. There are a number of winery tour buses operating on Tamborine. A huge plus is that the tour packages normally include snacks on board, lunch at a local restaurant, wifi and more! 

TIP #2: Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether you are strolling through the vineyard or hiking to a waterfall, comfortable footwear is a must on Tamborine mountain. The national park is a rainforest so it's often wet and rainy. The hikes can take you through some rough terrain that your favourite pair of thongs may not be equip for. Best to leave them at home.

TIP #3: Bring Plenty Of Water

No matter if you plan on hiking the day away or wine-ing(?) the day sure to pack a few bottles of water to keep you going. You'll thank me later.  

TIP #4 Don't Miss The Sunsets 

After a long, fun day on the mountain wrap things up with a visit to Rotary Lookout or Hang Glider's Launch. It is a known fact that mountain sunsets are vastly superior to all other sunsets...

Words by Chelsea Hawkins. Follow me on Instagram.