How To Survive Living in a Campervan

Living in a campervan has its challenges...

For starters, you're in a small, confined space. So if you've got long legs chances are you won't be able to fully stretch your legs out at night for some time (soz)...There's likely to be very limited storage space and the tiniest fridge...I could go on but I'll stop there so I don't completely scare you off...

All those things aside, the rewards that come with living on the road make it all worth it in the end! First off, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace without having to worry about getting back to your hotel each night. Home is literally where you park! Another perk is you always have everything you need with you- never need to worry if you left something back at the room. Lastly, less time spent travelling back and forth between your hotel = more time to explore. Travelling in a camper is the best way to fully immerse yourself in a destination. It's an incredible experience that I think everyone should try at least once in their life.

If you are thinking of giving van life a go, here are a few of my top tips on how to survive it!

Pack Lightly (no hardshell suitcases)

Like I mentioned before- storage space in most campervans is limited. So only pack the essentials and not too many clothes. You can always use the laundry facilities at the holiday parks. The more stuff you bring the less room you will have for drinks and snacks. So pack wisely! Also no hard'll most likely have to slide your suitcase under your bed and after a few days [or weeks] of sliding it around your beautiful hard shell will look battered and bruised. Trust me I know from experience- Save yourself the regret!

Only get enough groceries for a few days at a time

If you get all your groceries at once...for starters you probably won't have room in the fridge for it all... But you're likely to pass a bunch of yummy eateries while your on the road that you're going to want to stop at. If you eat out a few times, before you know it you'll be at the end of your trip and still have a fridge full of uneaten food. What a waste! Save your cash and only buy around 2-3 days worth of food at a time.

Stretch & breathe in the fresh air

Living in a campervan can get a bit stuffy so make sure you spend more time out of it then in it. Really the only time you need to be in the camper is to cook and sleep. If the weather is nice take out your fold-able table and chairs and eat outside. You are camping afterall!

Apps are your friend!

Lastly we would not have been able to survive our campervan experience if weren't for apps like Campermate. Before you head out on your trip I highly recommend downloading it. The interactive map will make finding free campgrounds, holiday parks, dump stations, and petrol stations near you a breeze!

Special thanks to JUCY for hooking us up with a Jucy Condo for our Great Ocean Road trip! If you are looking to book a campervan adventure check out Jucy for a super affordable range of quality rental campers, click here.