How I Edit My Photos: Apps & Programs 2018

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked on Instagram is: What program did you use to edit your photos?

I love helping out others who are trying to get into the travel blogging game so I always make sure to answer every question I get! I've been getting the question a lot more as of lately so I've decided it was time I did a proper blog on what apps I'm currently using. A lot of these apps I've found through Q&A's with creators I admire like Renee Roaming, Hello Emilie and Tara Milk Tea.

If you are looking to step up your editing game, then here's a list of my top editing apps/programs that I feel are definitely worth a download.

Light room (Desktop & Mobile)
Over the years I've tried many editing programs (paid & free) and none of them could compare to Light room. It's the go to editing program for most photographers and for good reason. It has the best tools and features. When you first download it, it can look a bit daunting but it doesn't take long to learn how everything works. I recommend checking out tutorials on Youtube, that's how I learned the ropes. I use the desktop version for major editing and then the app for small touch ups once I transfer my photos to my phone. Light room is a subscription and will cost you around 28 AUD- but if you're serious about your blogging it's worth the price.

A Color Story
If you are looking for a quick editing solution then I recommend the A Color Story app. It has all the tools you'll need for basic editing as well as some great filters. The filters in particular come in handy if you're trying to set up a theme with your IG account.

VSCO is great for editing photos however I've been using it lately for video editing. It's a great solution if you want to make your Iphone videos look more cinematic and professional. The video filters work similarly to LUTS in Adobe premiere. If you post lots of video it's definitely worth checking out.

Now this app isn't really for photo editing but instastory editing...I've been using it so much I had to mention it. If you are interested in creating more eye catching instastories then definitely download this free app. Their templates are incredible!

Lastly, UNUM- again this isn't an editing app but it's one I use every day so had to give it a shout. UNUM is a feed planner app. If you've been wondering how people get such perfectly themed feeds? They're probably using some sort of feed planner app. UNUM lets you upload your photos in the order you intend to post so you can see how your feed will look in the future. Your top 6 photos are the first thing a person sees when they go on your account so you want to make sure it looks appealing so they'll hit the follow button!

If  you have any questions about any of the apps mentioned send me a message. To see more of my travel photography, follow me on Instagram!

Review | Testing out the new Sony RX100M6


The Sony RX100M6 has only been out a few months in Australia and I was very lucky enough, thanks to the Sony Australia team, to get my hands on one. Over the last month or so I've taken it travelling with me and have been quite shocked with the results I've gotten. I've always shot with a DSLR so it was nice change to have a small, lightweight option- especially on long hikes!

If you are in the market for a quality compact check out my review of the Sony RX100M6 as well as a few shots I took using this new camera.

The RX100M6 has a sleek, stylish pocket friendly design. It's tiny, so tiny in fact it can fit in the palm of your hand with ease. I'd say one of the smallest compacts on the market. It's also very lightweight which combined with its sleekness can make it rather easy to drop. If you need a bit more traction an attachment grip can be purchased for around $20 AUD.

  • ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200 mm2F2.8-4.5 high-resolution zoom lens
  • Approx. 20.1 effective megapixel 1.0-type stacked Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor with DRAM chip
  • BIONZ X™ image processing engine for superior detail reproduction and noise reduction
  • 0.03 sec6 AF response with 315 focal-plane phase-detection AF points (fastest AF on the market)
  • Up to 24fps7 continuous shooting with AF/AE for up to 2338 shots
  • UHD 4K video at 30p and 24p, 1080p slow-motion capture
  • 3in touchscreen LCD
  • WIFI enabled
  • USB charging

The RX100M6 price starts from $1,699 AUD. This price tag makes it one of the most expensive compacts on the market, no doubt. However, for that price you get a powerful compact camera jam packed with some pretty amazing features like the incredible zoom range and super fast AF.

If you are dead set keen on a small compact camera and don't want to settle for anything but the best then the Sony RX100M6 is the way to go. The combination of its fast AF, great video, sharp images, and super wide zoom range all in small, light weight frame truly make it one of a kind in the compact market!

Find more info on the RX100M6 on the Sony Australia website, available here.

*AmeriAus was gifted the RX100M6 for the purpose of review.