Vista 2 or Wave 2: Which Is Right For You?

Pictured: Wave 2

A couple months ago we had the pleasure of travelling around New Zealand's beautiful South Island with Wilderness Motorhomes. This was our second trip with Wilderness. This year's trip was a bit different because instead of the Wave 2 Motorhome we took last year we got to try out their brand new motorhome the Vista 2! After having traveled around in both motorhomes, you might be wondering, which one was our favorite?

If I had to describe the Vista 2 I'd call it a luxe campervan. It had the compact, driver friendly exterior of a campervan, but the interior had all the perks of a motorhome.

When deciding what motorhome to take this year it was down to the Wave 2 or Vista 2 for us. A couple of things that sold us on the Vista 2 was the larger bed, which meant a more comfortable night's sleep. Also, unlike the Wave 2, the bed in the Vista 2 can be transformed into 2 single beds.

Another thing we really liked was the shower/toilet configuration. In the Vista 2 the toilet tucks away and the sink tap doubles as a shower head. In the Wave 2 the toilet is stationary so it can be a tiny bit awkward when taking shower.

On the other hand, unlike the Vista 2 the Wave 2 has leather interior. Also, Wave 2 comes with a microwave, which definitely comes in handy during meal time, and the Vista 2 does not. Probably the most important thing to note is that the Wave 2 is wider, which means it has more room in the cabin. So if having that extra bit of room to move around while you are in the motorhome is important to you then go with the Wave 2.

For us, after having driven both motorhome's the new Vista 2 is our pick, but really you won't be unhappy with any of the motorhomes in Wilderness's fleet. If you'd like more info on Wilderness's range of motorhomes, and full specs for the motorhomes mentioned, click here.

Bedroom of Vista 2
Exterior of Vista 2
Exterior Wave 2